Art Journal Friday

I will be journaling right along with everyone else on the from Wholeness prompts I posted on Wednesday. In addition to traditional longhand responses, I will also be art journaling. Since I was in elementary school – long before the term “art journal” was in the lexicon – I have been cutting out words and images and gluing them in books. It is one of best ways I know how to get quiet, be creative and uncover my thoughts. You can google art journals and come up with enough inspiration to last several lifetimes. My mom is a big fan of soul collage which is another way to access the spirit on paper. And Susannah Conway had a great post last week on this topic that inspired me to go bigger and bolder with my words and design.

Art journaling is not complicated: a stack of old magazines, the newspaper or a children’s book that has seen better days, a pair of scissors, a glue stick and a bound book will get you on your way. Instead of popping online, I have been trying to take 15 minutes every afternoon to sit down with my iced coffee, chocolate almonds, magazine pages and glue stick. And like those “15 minutes” online, sometimes this session stretches to nearly an hour and then sometimes it’s over before it even starts. (Do your children have that sensor that goes off as soon as you settle to something? Never fails to amaze me how this happens.)

So when we are focusing on from Wholeness (which I am thinking will be every other week during June and July) Fridays will be reserved for excerpts from my art journal endeavors. I have loved this first week – both at my desk and on the blog. Your comments, emails and words of support have made my heart swell. When I am writing these posts for all of us and then answering them for myself, I feel like I am firing on all cylinders and finding my voice in a whole new way. It feels like I am living my word of the year. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. S


IMG_8394 IMG_8393 IMG_8391 IMG_8398 IMG_8401 IMG_8402 IMG_8403


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