Habit: Reflective Friday

A peek into my week. Wishing you a lovely weekend friends, and thank you for spending part of your day with me. S

IMG_8285Walking along the ocean, listening to her voice, changed something in me.

IMG_8332Her words on the phone made me think. Her words in the text made me laugh.

IMG_8342Hoping this year will not be as intense as last year.

3 thoughts on “Habit: Reflective Friday

  1. Hi Sheila,

    I have been following your blog this year as it is helpful to see and hear someone local (as in Asheville) who is homeschooling with Waldorf inspirations. I also enjoy your photos of nature and the land… reminds me of the simple beauty of the farmland I grew up around.

    I think we may have met at the peach cobbler’s homeschool fair/conference last spring? Donna Ashton had also mentioned your blog to me when I had some mentoring from her!

    Anyway, I have been trying out homeschooling preschool /kindergarten this year as my oldest turns 6 this coming Sept. 4th… and I have read your mentioning of Tap Root and am interested in going seeing that there really is no other training that is so specific I have heard of. Do you have any thoughts on Tap Root being helpful if I am beginning kindergarten this coming year?

    I have had some help with planning before with Lisa Boisvert Mackenzie and her Rhythm of the Year program but never any of the specifics that I would be getting into in the future with 1st grade (form drawing, recorder). Pending upon your possible suggestions on going I am also curious if you are carpooling or if you would be interested in someone carpooling with you? We have one car and I am trying to gauge if this makes sense to go for that reason too. :)

    Thanks for any thoughts you may have and for connecting and again thanks for being a local voice on the homeschooling front for me :).

    Sincerely, Katherine

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