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Before I even begin this post I will admit I am not a journal writer by any stretch of the imagination. I love to buy journals – especially ones with graph paper pages and blank covers to collage. But rarely – rarely – do I actually write in these blank, bound books. So for me to ask you to journal together feels slightly laughable and also a bit reckless, like chuckling while stepping off a cliff. However, as I’ve said before in this space, it is a year for being brave and doing new things – and laughter always helps everything.

I’ve had an ebook brewing for quite some time. I have a title, a logo and about 90% of the writing complete. My initial timeframe to have it completed was March. Then it was May. Now it’s June and it’s still not done. Instead of giving you something polished and perfect, I am offering something in process and in transition instead. This gesture can be seen as the growing edge of where I want to go and who I am becoming. It is a place that feels vulnerable, unknown and scary as hell. So imagine me taking a deep breath and inviting you to meet me there.

I have written from Wholeness in the spirit that we teach what we most need to learn. So although I may be hosting/guiding this journey, don’t think for a moment I have it figured out. I don’t. This will not be an ebook that promises easy answers, quick results or even anything definitive from me. It is basically a workbook that asks a series of questions around an overarching theme of vision: looking back, seeing the center, looking ahead. Only I can answer these questions for me. Only you can answer these questions for you. I believe this will be a journey of individuals held together in community. Setting such an intention, I am trusting a path will reveal itself to each and every one of us who ponder these questions in the quiet moments we are able to set aside for ourselves. I truly believe an open heart, a listening ear and an honest eye will be our best companions.

I have some short introductions/musings for each section, lots of questions and thoughts to think. I have also gathered some poetry, inspiring links and other surprises along the way. Beyond that, I don’t know what to expect. I am taking the first step and seeing where it leads. If you would like to join me in this summertime soul-searching, all you will need is a blank book or even some blank paper. Perhaps a special pen, a candle, a binder and maybe a stash of chocolate covered almonds. After we complete this series on the blog (probably sometime in August), Tom will turn the separate posts into a cohesive ebook where you can record all your scattered musings in one place. Considering the beautiful logo he did, I have high hopes. (Sleeping with a graphic designer does have its perks!!) So think about joining me. We’ll begin from Wholeness on Monday. I can’t wait.




13 thoughts on “Journal / Journey With Me

  1. I am excited about this…what a fantastic idea. I really think that you should be a spiritual director(I have thought that for some time, don’t you like me planning your life for you:) This sounds like a retreat. I look forward to joining you!

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