6 thoughts on “Sunday Selections

  1. Wow. Outgrow all we love? If love is eternal then maybe there’s some middle ground? Such as transforming or transcending all that we love? Still contemplating…

    • I thought about this at one o’clock this morning, when the moon woke me up, like a spotlight in our bedroom window. I think there needs to be a difference made between Love (capital L) and love (lowercase l). “L”ove is eternal: I count this to be my family, my husband, my children. “love” is something I more think of in a Buddhist way of attachment. I love certain things, ideas, concepts, places, BUT if my growth is making me leave that which I love (again, lowercase “l”) I need to trust I am being led to a place of new understanding.

      I thought of an example of a mutual friend of ours that I will tell you about over the phone.

      So I think there is nuance here, but maybe not for you. As the young kids say, “It’s all good.” LOL Just don’t jump off any cliffs.


      • love the nuanced distinction between Love (relationships) and love (attachments). Looking forward to talking further!

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