Review: Home Arts Studio

IMG_7135Lindsey Volin was kind enough to send me a complimentary package of her art program, Home Arts Studio, an arts program for grades kindergarten through grade 5. I enjoyed watching the second grade dvds with their focus on fairy tales from around the world and learned a lot of different art techniques. Even though the dvds were shot to be viewed directly by the student, I think there are other ways to utilize this fun and instructive art program. I watched them by myself and incorporated many of the projects and techniques into our homeschool lessons. The lessons are ideally taught sequentially, week by week, but I think Ms. Volin’s series could also be a welcome respite and a real life-saver during that week or two in the summer where it does nothing but rain and everyone is going stir crazy. In addition to the video instruction, Ms. Volin also includes pdf lesson plans that can be printed out and also correspond to curriculum standards. This would be priceless for those who are homeschooling in states that require such information.

One thing about the art supplies – they are incredible!! When the package was delivered to our door in January, it was honestly better than Christmas. Everything comes from Jerry’s Artarama, which has always been my personal favorite place to buy art supplies online (and in person, if you happen to be near Raleigh, NC). Their selection is incredible and their prices can’t be beat – especially if you hit a super sale. (For example, when I clicked over to get the link for this post, there was a pop-up offering an additional 25% off and free shipping on orders over $59. You can’t beat that with a stick.) So even though you are able to purchase just the dvds, my advice would be to buy the dvd and the complete art supplies package. If you do buy the whole kit and caboodle, you will have everything you need for 18 art lessons plus extra supplies that will probably last the entire school year. You can find all the grades here. Now go make some art.


Artwork by Jean Tomaso Moore – who is very, very artistic and therefore, very, very dangerous

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3 thoughts on “Review: Home Arts Studio

    • Hmmm . . . let me think about that.

      Tell me more of what you are wanting. Something for the girls to do without you? Something to give you ideas? “Training” of sorts? I’m guessing you know that HAS is not Waldorf – no judgment there – just saying.

      I do like and I’m thinking of doing the 14 day free trial at I don’t think this would be for kids (I could be mistaken, I haven’t looked at all their classes.) but they have some really cool stuff to get your creativity jump started.

      And FWIW, I have been obsessed with drawing mandalas (obsessed, I tell you) and I’m thinking of doing them with the boys. Your crew may be too young, but don’t know if they may spark something in you

      But tell me more.

      • Wow! I’m so glad I asked. Deep Space Sparkle looks awesome. I am definitely going to spend more time reading through all of it.

        I’m not concerned about Waldorf, although I prefer a more experiential approach. That said, the Artistic Pursuits program also appeals to me because I think the artist studies, a la CM style, just seem interesting and fun. But I’m not exactly known for my artistic talent, so maybe that’s why!

        I’m really interested in mandalas, too. Really, I’m sure it would do wonders for my confidence to just jump in and do SOMETHING myself. I’d love to feel more at ease bringing things to the girls. Ideally, I’d like a once-a-week session where the girls and I can work and learn together. What do you think?

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