Vision Board

IMG_7765I have wanted to make a vision board since December when Andrea wrote about the process during our Holiday Blog Hop. Creating one was also the “assignment of the month” for the e-course One Little Word that I am taking. (Registration is still open and you cannot beat the price: $31 for the whole year!) Last Friday, the planets aligned and I found everything I needed: supplies, inspiration and a window of time. I tried not to over-think the project and turn it into an art collage. Elaborating on my word for 2014, I set an intention with a few other words cut from a shipping box (Thank you, Beth!!), a few images from the newspaper, a scrap of tissue paper and a couple of fancy napkins. I added a bit of paint and some stick-on letters and presto! a vision board. People suggest using a canvas, but I didn’t have one, so I just glued everything to some sturdy cardboard I saved from the back of a pad of watercolor paper. I have it hanging by my desk, a gentle visual reminder of what I want to invite into my life this year.

IMG_7761Some detail shots:

IMG_7767 IMG_7769 IMG_7770 IMG_7768 Have you ever created a vision board? How has the process manifested in your life? I would love to know.



5 thoughts on “Vision Board

  1. That is really wonderful. I have never made a vision board but I would like to. I might have to sit down with this idea in the next few weeks… Thank you for the inspiration! xo

    • It was a great little project. I’m excited to see how it all manifests. I showed it to my spiritual director yesterday. During our session, we talked a lot about the concept of kindness – especially toward self. I want to add “kind” to my board now. I guess these things are constantly evolving.

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