Monthly Link Up: Encouragement


Welcome to our second monthly link up at Sure as the World! (See January’s here.) There is an unspoken notion that everyone wants to quit homeschooling in February, ahem . . . This winter it may be more true than others. If you are going a little stir-crazy with a touch of cabin fever, here are a few of my back posts to shake things up and add a little fun to your day. Please add your links/posts/suggestions in the comments section, and I will then put them in the body of the post for all to see. Can’t wait to see how you guys are surviving the winter doldrums!

Read a great book: Rascal by Sterling North

Make a pot of soup stock.

Read poetry every single day.

Start your day with music.

Teach your children to knit.

Paint with watercolors.

If all else fails, dream about summer and driving a tractor.

Check out these ideas from other bloggers:

Leah says “Go snowshoeing!”

Jean has some great advice for when all seems lost.

Kelly reminds us to take care of ourselves first.

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