Beloved Friday

Fridays in February will be reserved for sharing my efforts to cultivate a new perspective through the medium of compassionate self-portraiture via the e-course Be Your Own Beloved, with the lovely Vivienne McMaster. This feels like a new level of bravery and intimacy here on the blog. S



IMG_7469Her laughter rang out loud and true.

***IMG_7487She always looked for the light, and sometimes she found it.

IMG_7425She followed the whispers, trusting where they led.


11 thoughts on “Beloved Friday

    • Tom and I went away last weekend to celebrate our (21st!!) anniversary. He was taking a nap and I went on a photo walk. Of course the setting was just gorgeous, but it was so much fun being just me and my camera.

      I don’t know if I have done any of the prompts since we came back. Just lots of photos of the snow.

      How did you guys fare? We got about a foot, but it has already started melting.

      • Between the 2 separate snows we probably got between 6-8 inches. It’s been nasty. When Jay drove home in the truck Wed night, there were about 50 cars abandoned on the side of the road on the final stretch up to our neighborhood. A friend of mine had to abandon his truck and walk 3 miles to our house that afternoon b/c so many people were blocking roadways.

        Between having Jay & Alicia both home, my friend here for that entire afternoon and our sweet 16-year-old neighbor camping out with us b/c her Dad is out of town, I’ve barely had 2 seconds alone to do much photography. Can’t wait to try the ‘movement’ prompt. I did at least get the ‘where you are today’ prompt (uh, can you say ‘tired’ is where I am?) done late last night. Whew.

    • Hey Vivienne!

      I have a post in the works that describes a presentation I did at a retreat in Wyoming called “Selfies as Spiritual Practice”. You have influenced me more than you could possibly imagine.

      Thank you for your joy! I will send you a link when I finish it.


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