Christmas Card Booklet

IMG_7082Christmas cards are my favorite part of the entire holiday season. I feel like I can still capture a bit of that old-fashioned magic by savoring both the sending and the receiving of holiday mail. I collect all the cards we receive and open them up all at once on Christmas Eve. This year, we lingered over the envelopes and asked the boys if they knew who each card was from. If they didn’t recognize the name, we told them how we knew the person and usually a little story too. Good stuff!

I faithfully save the photos people send and usually I put them in a photo album, however, it seems the picture cards and the pockets in my album are out of synch. Really, if I look back over the past few years, that is obvious, as the photo cards are mostly just stuck willy-nilly in between the pages. Instead of just stuffing this year’s cache into the mess, I hole punched the cards and tied them with string. I made sure to include a copy of our photo and family update. And on a whim, I also wrote a few quick notes of memories I wanted to savor. I think it took me 15 minutes start to finish. If there were world enough and time, I would go back and do this for all the previous years, but there is a limit to my good intentions. I still have photos of my own children to put in albums, starting from about, oh, 2008. That’s not happening either.

Good luck with your own tucking away of memories this weekend. I hope the holiday season was one to treasure!



9 thoughts on “Christmas Card Booklet

  1. Oh, I love this idea! I think I’m going to borrow it. I’ve been just throwing cards out (eventually…usually sometime in July) the last few years – I hate to do it but they just turn into such a jumbled mess. This seems like a nice way to keep them. Thank you so much for sharing it. xo

    • Please borrow it! It’s not original by any stretch of the imagination. I just used my three hole punch (only two holes punched through) and it came together lickety split.

      I have it tucked away on a high shelf . . . probably won’t surface again until July . . . LOL

  2. You’re a girl after my own heart. I guess I should try to fashion something similar — for weeks, months, I’ve been looking for a Christmas memories book. Not many get good reviews! Along with memories, I want something that can serve as a planner. I use my notes and ideas from previous years so much, and right now they’re scattered all over on various notebooks and scraps of paper!

    • I started writing notes to myself last year. I tried to keep a notebook, but that doesn’t seem to work. I now have monthly folders, so I stick the notes in the folder for “December” so I will see it next year. i really need to get organized with notes and printouts and stuff. Do you know that blog “” It is a little ambitious (to say the least) but it has given me a ton of inspiration.

  3. Love you ideas ! I save the photos from year to year, too, keeping them up until the next year photo arrives. I like the use of cards. Send mine to the Wise Center ( where Pop use to go. )since I doubt I have he patience to make a book anymore. Danielle gave dad and me our own ” My Life Sofar ” journal so we will be kept busy this winter!

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  4. Hey Sheila, Happy New Year! I love your tradition of saving the cards to open all together on Christmas Eve and sharing stories about the sender. What a wonderful idea. And I hear you about the Christmas music! LOL Cathy

  5. Hi Sheila,
    What a great idea. I hate discarding lovingly sent Christmas cards–esp. with photos. And…what a wonderful tradition to open all of them on Christmas Eve! I’m definitely going to do this next year…Thank you dear Sheila. Aloha, Lori

  6. Great idea! I have been saving my cards, bound together with a ribbon and a tag showing the year, for about five years and it is wonderful to look back and remember.

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