Sunday Selections

Fourth Sunday of Advent: Human BeingsIMG_6663

May calm warmth work in us,
deep light shine through us,
the water’s power sound in us
and the ground’s strength live in us.

We are all journeying,
we are all singing,
we are all weeping.
We know each other
as deeply
as we can see.
If I do not know you,
I am blind or you are bound.
Let my warmth thaw your bonds.
Create my eyes with your light.

Silently and together
We are all journeying:
like the rivers underground,
like trains through the tunnels,
like stars through the evening.
Let us look at each other
and know it.

“Chorus All of Us” – Christy Barnes

8 thoughts on “Sunday Selections

  1. For me, the powerful depth of this poem comes from its disarming simplicity.

    Thank you to Jean Miller for sharing it with us at Taproot.

    I have really enjoyed this poetic journey through advent, thank you for joining me.

    Happiest of Holidays and Merry Christmas!

    • I had no idea what poem to use for this Sunday of Advent. I was going through a pile of papers and came across this poem. It just sucker punched me. I think it’s perfect too.

  2. Oh, Sheila! You know how I love this poem. “Silently and together, We are all journeying…Let us look at each other, and know it.” Brings tears to my eyes. I love you my friend. Have a joy-filled week of celebration!

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