Links and Other Thinks: December 2013


* Snowflake ballerinas! Absolutely adorable!

* We spend a lot of money on food. Check out this chart from the USDA that estimates food costs. This is one area I want to focus on cutting next year.

* Once a month cleaning and once a month decluttering – Jamie is a genius!!

* A picture frame wreath – what a great idea!

* Denim bins – similar to the ones I made last year (but they look a little easier!)

* What to do with all that leftover yarn.

* Look at this advent calendar. Swoon!

* This art program on dvd looks really interesting. 

Pull apart pumpkin French toast! YUM! (Although next time I would not bake it all together in the oven.)

* Definitely doing this next year for December: A book a day.

* My love of bacon grease continues to grow. These crackers were to die for!

* Read Vivienne’s Top 10 Tips for taking better photos with your iPhone.

Math and Knitting

6 thoughts on “Links and Other Thinks: December 2013

    • Honestly, I use these posts I guess like some people use pintrest. Whenever I come across something I copy the link and then at the end of the month I have a post-full. For some reason I just cannot get on board with pintrest. I love to troll through other people’s pins (like yours!) but I forget to even look at my boards. So, links and thinks it is.

      Glad you liked the handwork ideas. Aren’t those snowflake ballerinas adorable? And that Advent calendar. Oh my stars!!

  1. Sheila, just catching up, and I’m intrigued by the art program. Finding something suitable here has been a challenge. I wonder how this fits in with Waldorf? What do you think?

    • Good Morning Tracie!

      I don’t know how it fits in with Waldorf, but I love the idea of the video for explanations, instructions and ideas. The one craft that intrigued me was tin foil sculpture, which you could re-frame as modeling. My boys like craft projects and I don’t really do enough with them. I was thinking this would be something fun to do over the summer. I also like her blog – she seemed to be really down to earth.

      Before you order, sign up for Jerry’s Artarama newsletter. They are always having a sale of some sort. Great company. I have been to their store too.

      Hope all is well. Happy new year!!

  2. Thanks! Same to you! I feel the exact same about Pinterest, by the way. (I keep forgetting to ask — are you on Instagram?)

    • I have an account, but don’t use it. Here’s a funny: I wanted to discontinue Habit: Reflective Friday and just post my photos via instagram, but my family and friends IRL revolted. LOL so Habit continues . . .

      I will be using Flickr for an ecourse I’m taking next month.

      I think I’m seriously missing the social media gene. I just cannot make myself get on board with that stuff. Blogging is about as techie as I get.

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