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**These are NOT my bookshelves!**

I love getting out the holiday books! Below you will find some of our favorites. If you have a list of holiday books on your blog, please, please, please leave a link to it in the comments. And if you don’t, why not do it now? We would all love to know what you’re reading at your house during this time of year.

**Due to the ongoing (and hysterical) conversation unfolding in the comments section, I feel compelled to edit this post to say that the bookshelves pictured above are about as real as my blond hair – which I can assure you, comes out of a bottle every four weeks like clockwork. It is a photograph of a piece of wrapping paper.

Activity Books:

  • The Toymaker’s Chrismas (I buy several copies of this every year. Great fun for my kids and for gifts.)
  • Sarah Jane’s Nutcracker Suite Paper Puppet Theater (These are being used in all the Ralph Lauren flagship stores worldwide this year. Oooh la la Sarah Jane!)
  • Holiday Folding Stories: Storytelling and Origami Together for Holiday Fun, Christine Petrell Kallevig (This is one in a series of books that uses origami to tell stories. They can be hard to find, but worth the search. is one of my favorite places to find books like this.)

New To Us This Year:

  • A Newberry Christmas: Fourteen Stories of Christmas by Newberry Award-winning Authors
  • American Christmas: Poetry Celebrating the Beauty of Christmas, Webster Schott and Robert J. Myers, Eds.
  • The Beasts of Bethlehem, X.J. Kennedy (We’ll be reading this during the second week of Advent.)
  • Hallelujah Handel, Douglas Cowling (A lovely companion to Messiah.)
  • Jesus, Demi (Biography of Jesus using text from the King James Bible.)
  • The Glorious Impossible, Madeleine L’Engle (Illustrated with frescoes by Giotto.)

Old Favorites:

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas, Charles M. Schulz
  • The Tomten, Astrid Lindgren
  • Harold at the North Pole, Crockett Johnson
  • A Calf for Christmas, Astrid Lingren
  • The Night Before Christmas, Clement C. Moore (Vincent’s all time favorite.)
  • Flight of the Reindeer, Robert Sullivan (Great for older kids who don’t “believe.”)
  • Miracle on 34th Street, Valentine Davies
  • The Polar Express, Chris Van Allsburg
  • Katy and the Big Snow, Virginia Lee Burton (Jude’s all time favorite.)
  • Boxes for Katje, Candace Fleming (A gift and recommendation from Mama)

Other Holiday Book Posts from Other Blog Hoppers and Non-Hoppers Too:

22 thoughts on “Holiday Books

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  2. I have just been hopping all over the place this morning. Cool list Sheila – I love Charlie Brown:) I remember liking The Best Christmas Pageant Ever when I was a kid – but have not read it for years. Tree of Cranes is my fav:)
    Love Alison with a big hug ….hopping over to Emmie’s..hop…hop

  3. Oh, Katy and the Big Snow! I loved that book as a child. An inspiring list, Sheila, and wonderful bookshelf photo. I do love good books! Thanks for inviting us all to post our favs.

    • I would love for people to think those are my bookshelves, so neatly stocked with eye-catching vintage editions. LOL It’s really a photo I took of a piece of wrapping paper that I have never been brave enough to do anything with. It just stays rolled up. I won’t admit how long I have had it. Maybe this is the year my scissors will find it . . . be brave in all things!!

  4. Hilarious about the wrapping paper! I just cleared out a dresser of craft supplies and wrapping paper and was shocked to find treasures I was “saving.” Be brave in all things!

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  6. I totally thought it was your bookshelf. See how organized I think you are? I love your list! Many I know, and some are new to me. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever was our after dinner read aloud last December, because Hoodie had never read it. He loved it! The Glorious Impossible sounds like one I will have to track down. I love anything Madeline L’Engle ever wrote.

      • I think we’re going to have to read that, also. I have never read it. (Sheila, you can be in my secret club.) Especially because we go to a wee little church now that is having an actual Christmas nativity play. All of us are so excited.

        I’ll say that I have The Glorious Impossible and don’t like it all.

        The Glorious Impossible is overflowing with L’Engle’s own surmise, speculation, fantasy and conjecture about what people were feeling, why people were doing what they were doing and what Jesus felt about things. As an adult Christian quite familiar with the four gospels – I can wade through and see what’s biblical and what’s L’Engle. But reading it to children is a totally different situation and L’Engle’s opinions are intertwined inextricably.

        I bought The Glorious Impossible (at the thrift store) and The Life of Jesus in Masterpieces of Art by Mary Pope Osborne the same year. Whereas I found L’Engle’s a complete disappointment, I was completely and utterly satisfied by the Osborne book. I did fully review it in my hop post — so I’ll just summarize with: true to biblical accounts, a synchronizing of the four gospels, and richly accompanied by masterpieces that are more varied, vibrant and better print standard than The Glorious Impossible.

        My .02 (which is .01 than you can get a copy of The Life of Jesus on amazon).

        Now, it’s time to do 100 things — including scheduling creating a paper village because of you’re activities book post. I assure you, this is going to be special to all of us xoxo Thanks for that.

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  8. Hi everyone! This is one of the best ideas: Blog hopping and sharing seasonal titles. Thank you. They are all great. It’s hard to decide which blog to respond to!

    One book I can add is Christmas Tapestry by Patricia Polacco, It has an intergenerational, interfaith theme where Christian and Jewish celebrations intermingle with the message that very little in the universe is random. It’s a good one.

  9. Okay Sheila, I totally thought that was you bookshelf too! I’m sad that I didn’t get to participate with this book hop, but I am getting so much inspiration from all of you. Your new Newberry story collection sounds wonderful and I might have to track down that holiday origami book. Thanks so much…

    • Lori, Lori, Lori . . . if I have enough time and money to have bookshelves that look like that, please, I give you permission to fly from Hawaii and personally kick my butt!! LOL

      • PS I’ve only read the introduction to the Newberry book, but it sounds lovely. There is also a Newberry Zoo (animal stories) collection that I found this year as well. I’ll let you know.

        Do you kids like origami? If so, those books are well worth the effort to track down. We have several in the series. Vincent went through a huge origami phase a couple of years ago. Obsessive some might say. It has cooled, but he can still whip up a paper menagerie in no time flat. Personally, anything more complicated than mountain and valley folds gives me a headache.

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