Plans: December 2013

IMG_6665Here we are: another December and another chance to figure out how to get it right! Last year’s plans didn’t work (you can see them here – maybe they’ll work for you), so we are trying something else. (I wrote this before Jean Miller posted her thoughts about homeschooling in December here. I’m going to take what she says to heart.)

Vincent, Age 12, Grade 6: Vincent has a birthday this month that will be celebrated with pizza and college football on a big screen. Considering our pocket-sized television set lives mostly behind the couch, this is a big treat. As far as school goes, we will use the first couple of weeks to tie up some loose ends from our first semester. Mostly this will include his timeline project up through the fall of the Roman Empire, the corresponding chapters in A Little History of the World, and completing Key to Percents Book 1. This feels manageable and will finish everything we started since August.

Jude, Age 8, Grade 2: Jude will have a pretty easy month that will revolve around The Festival of Stones by Reg Down. Maybe there will be some knitting. Maybe, but I’m not holding my breath.

Sheila, 43 and 11/12: I found these notes from last year. I’m going to actually try to listen to myself and see what happens. I’ll keep you posted.

  • “Too many things scheduled last year.”
  • “One craft a week is enough!”
  • “A novel doesn’t work in December. Gear stories to Advent themes. Get The Festival of Stones by Reg Down and Hark! by Tomie de Paola.”
  • “Work on one extended project all month like stringing buttons, popcorn or fabric yo-yos.”

4 thoughts on “Plans: December 2013

  1. Just read Jean’s blog — you both say what I need to hear. Although things were already working out to be a slow December, I think I need reassurance from other Waldorf educators that what we’re doing is not only okay, but good, sustainable, and in its own way, productive. Looking forward to this holiday season even more now.

    • Yes, yes, yes.

      When I wrote down what my plans were for Jude this month, I had a twinge of panic that it wasn’t enough – or more honestly, that it wouldn’t be seen as enough by someone reading this blog. But it IS enough for a second grader! or let me rephrase that: I think it is enough for my second grader. And if I try to do anything in this space it is being brave enough to stand in my own truth. That feels kinda heavy, but true.

      I would love to catch up with you soon! Wishing you a lovely December, Tracie!

  2. We’re on the same wavelength! Your notes from last year are so helpful…one project a week, not the time for a novel. Your re-do sounds quite do-able! It’s great to be flexible enough and willing to try again. Another great message of this season.

    • I don’t think of myself as a journal writer, but I do occasionally scribble things down and I’m always glad I do.

      I also think being honest is so helpful (which I appreciated in your post) bc everyone thinks everyone else has December figured out.

      I just took some peg dolls out of the attic as our project for the week. We’ll see . . .

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