Paper Feathers, Cardboard Horses and A Blog Hop

IMG_6470The year is speeding up, and I am trying to slow down. I love to cut paper: little words from vintage books, images from magazines and shapes of all sorts from my stash of scrapbooking paper. For the past couple of weeks, I have been mindfully sitting in my chair at odd times during the day and cutting out intricate paper feathers. It has become a meditation of sorts that has served me well. They are just complicated enough to clear my mind and focus my thoughts. I am planning to use them for our gratitude tree at Thanksgiving.


I have also been cutting out cardboard horses. Last year, I made an intention to ride a horse. I couldn’t really tell you why; I have never ridden a horse before in my life. But it kept coming up for me, so I wrote it down in my journal to get it out of my head. I had honestly forgotten about it until this Saturday, when an invitation arrived in my inbox that made my whole body shout “Yes!” My spiritual director is offering a retreat in Wyoming with horses. It feels big and scary and far and absolutely beyond my comfort zone. I don’t know what it all means, but I am making myself sit with it. Cutting the cardboard horses helps. (I’ve made five in 24 hours . . . that’s a lot of thinking . . . )


My posting schedule for the rest of the year will not be as regular as usual. Starting this week, I will be participating in the 2013 Holiday Blog Hop, and I am excited about sharing some posts from other bloggers. I will continue to post Habit: Reflective Friday and Sunday Selections every week, but I can’t guarantee much else. As far as school goes, we will be doing formal main lessons up through the week of Thanksgiving. The first couple of weeks in December will be reserved for completing unfinished work and projects from our first semester blocks. After that, we have a couple of birthdays, Advent and Christmas to celebrate. See how the year is speeding up? Time to go sit and cut some more horses.

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9 thoughts on “Paper Feathers, Cardboard Horses and A Blog Hop

  1. I had a dream about horses the other night! It was very detailed. So much symbolism there! Oh my, if you go to that retreat. I will be so happy for you. And Wyoming is one of the most amazing places!

    • Oh Emmie! I can’t even tell you how big and scary this all sounds to me. Yet I’m trying to sit with all that fear (and yes, excitement) and see what it all means.

      Here is the link to the retreat.
      Wilderness, Horses and the Enneagram as Guides! Oh my!

      Would love to talk about your dream and the symbolism of horses. I’m really at a loss in that regard.

      Love to you this Monday morning.

      • I think this is your John McPhee/Basin and Range Moment ! Go for it – I have known several women (one of them being myself) who felt called to ride horses in their early forties – I took lessons and went on trail rides. I had never had the least bit of interest in horses in my life before then. I moved away from my teacher whom I loved and trusted – or else I probably never would have given it up. So after seeing your post – and Emmie’s comment- I am wondering if there is perhaps something sort of fundamental and essential about this mid-life horse/ perhaps feminine rite of passage thing. I don’t know – but it sure is interesting. I think you should really consider going – it looks amazing (I checked out the link:)

        • Well, unless my fears get the better of me, I’m going. I’m seeing my SD tomorrow and want to work through whatever it is that wants to hold me back.

          Interesting about women and horses . . . that’s something I will be thinking about . . . as I sit in my comfortable chair in my house cutting paper horses . . . lol . . .Time to ride, girls!!

          • Gidyap! Or Yeehah! SO so so happy for you!!!! And wow, Alison, interesting about 40s and horses. I can’t wait to hear what you decide. And my first thought upon seeing the paper horses is that they reminded me of Chagall or Franz.

  2. I love your photo of the falling feathers.

    I hadn’t considered the meditative quality of sitting and cutting paper — but you’re right — as always (;

    I’ve always wanted to read the Word in Wyoming. So, I live vicariously through you xo (Don’t read and ride at the same time. That’s the extent of my horse(wo)manship counsel.) You are going to have an amazing experience — I feel it.

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