Links and Other Thinks: November 2013


* Melisa has a great knitting tutorial. And another good post: When will it click?

* Love this idea of a meaningful family library. (Thanks Betsy!)

* We saw this modern dance troupe – DIAVOLO – perform last month – absolutely incredible!! If they come to your town, GO!!

* 100 great children’s books of the last 100 years from the New York Public Library.

* All You Can Eat Education: I found this to be a zinging piece of social commentary.

* I broke my coffee mug, but found the potter on etsy. Yay!!

* I love this post of Amy’s about being a parenting fraud.

* I have piles of wool and cashmere sweaters that have been waiting for a good upcycled project. I think I finally found it: a felted quilt.

* Healthy Almond Joy Bars

* I’ve seen pillowcase dresses, but this pillowcase skirt is new to me. So cute!

* Lori has some great ideas of what to do with simple knitted squares. And see this post that shows a knitted football you can make from a knitted rectangle (easy directions can be found in the comments section.)

* I have a new embroidery love: Penguin and Fish! This was a great little tutorial about making the back of your embroidery pretty.

* Handmade fabric napkins. I need to do this.

* Letting go. Stunning image; powerful words.

. . . ’til next month . . .

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