Lesson Plans: November 2013


November?? How did that happen?? Below you will find our last formal blocks of the semester, although I don’t know how this is even possible. Time. Flies.

Vincent, 11 3/4 years old, Grade 6: Vincent will begin geology this month. We will take the subject from whole to parts by first studying the composition of the entire earth, then take a look at mountains/mountain ranges and finally examine different types of rocks. I have chosen not to do a Waldorf main lesson book for this block, but rather, Vincent will be completing a lapbook. (It is this one from Hands of a Child.) I have a few different artistic projects, some field trips and quite a bit of poetry that will add some Waldorf flair, but the lapbook feels like a load off my shoulders. (Plus, Vincent loves stuff like that!) If there is time, I would also like to study salt, which coincidentally is the only rock we eat. I have heard great things about Mark Kurlansky’s book, Salt and I have wanted to read it for a while now. Depending on Vincent’s interest level, I think we will either listen to the adult audio book version or just read Kurlansky’s children’s adaptation, The Story of Salt. (You can see my collection of resources, links and ideas for grade 6 here. I think of it as a gathering space of inspiration that I update frequently. I’m never, ever going to use half of what’s there, but it is good to draw from.)

Jude, 8 years old, Grade 2: Jude will be finishing up two animal fables that we did not get to in September, and then move onto a three-week form drawing block centered around the Uncle Remus Tales. I did a block of form drawing and fairy tales last year that worked well, and I am hoping for a repeat. We have read a picture book version of Uncle Remus during storytime some time ago, but for this block I will be using the Julius Lester edition which seems to be the gold standard. Jude finished his knitted sheep (“Mutton”) and will be moving on to a knitted rabbit. I found this pattern that makes a rabbit from just a garter stitched square. And although I don’t think this adorable little bunny captures any of the mischievous spirit of Br’er Rabbit, the point is to just keep those needles clicking. (You can see my collection of resources, links and ideas for grade 2 here.)

Sheila: Let me preface everything in this little section by saying that Carrie Dendtler is my dear friend. I know her personally and she has been instrumental in my journey to homeschool with Waldorf. I love her blog, The Parenting Passageway, and was reminded what a treasure trove of information it is when I recently spent a lot of time printing a bunch of archived posts for reference. This gem about Science in Waldorf Homeschooling was extremely helpful to me as I continue to try to wrap my head around science from a Waldorf perspective. I also did a bunch of research into Carrie’s thoughts on Second Grade. Why I didn’t do that this summer is beyond explanation. Better late than never, I guess. Anyway, if you are teaching Second Grade (or any grade for that matter) you want to make use of her deep knowledge and practical suggestions. Thanks Carrie!!

8 thoughts on “Lesson Plans: November 2013

  1. I love your Lesson Plans for the month posts. They’re always so tidy and hope filled. It’s contagious.

    Our November lesson plans can be summed up with one word — Thanksgiving. Excited.

    The geology block looks so cool. I have a book I am SO excited to use and can’t seem to fit in any time soon. Sigh. http://www.amazon.com/Childs-Geography-Explore-His-Earth/dp/1932786325 It says “geography” — but really it’s a book about Earth Science. Very exciting.

    I still remember being a child and seeing an aerial picture of a never ending expanse of saltwater evaporation pits somewhere in the middle east. Breath taking.

    I’ve printing out the bunny knitted square. I’m continually amazed by what can be made from one little knitted square. xo

    well, time to go and do the day (:

    • I love these posts too. It forces me to get down – in a really concrete way – what the heck we will be doing for the next four weeks.

      I will check that book out.

    • The poor little guy started out with some cutie-pie name like “Fluffy” or something, but as the knitting dragged on and on and on, Vincent and I renamed him “Mutton” – slightly cruel, but true.

  2. I love your effort to take a load off your shoulders. Good for you.
    I’ve been trying to do something similar: less load, more joy!
    Looking forward to catching up.
    Have a good day.

  3. So great to see the concreteness, makes it all seem so much more do-able. Mixing it up is great too – Lila has loved lapbooks. We did one last year for astronomy in 8th grade just to break things up…she’s such a hands-on learner, so thanks for the reminder that we could even try one this year in 9th grade.

    And that Story of Salt is one of my favorites…I really enjoyed the children’s version.

    Enjoy Eurythmy next weekend. Wish I could be there!

  4. We loved our Geology block!!! And yes, I often refer to Carrie’s blog (like repeatedly and still glean something new from the same post I may have read 3 times already). Sounds like you have a great month ahead! (Our last two blocks of the year are Rome and Fables…which reminds me. I need to mail you your books!)

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