Grade 2: Celebrating the Season


In between our math lessons and everything else we have done this month, I made time to read a few seasonal books and also make a couple of crafts to celebrate autumn. We have repeated many of the stories and activities I wrote about in this post last year, but I have also added some new ones. We discovered The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly by Reg Down last year and it immediately stole our hearts. The stories are simple. The characters are endearing. And the tone is tenderly sweet. We read one of the tales in that collection called “Pumpkin Crow” last week and built a fun couple of lessons around it. It was an easy way to celebrate autumn without a lot of fuss.

After reading the story, we did our first watercolor painting that incorporated true form by painting a big pumpkin on a vine. Jude and I sat side by side and I gave him very little direction except for instructing him on the order of layering the colors. After painting the entire paper golden-yellow, we used orange to paint the pumpkin. We used thinner brushes dipped in red to mimic the pumpkin’s ridges. We finished our paintings by adding the stem, vine and leaves with blue paint. This made a nice green because the yellow on the background was still wet. Today we are cutting out crows using this template. Easy and fun. Oh, and check out Mr. Down’s website – there are lots of free stories and poems arranged by season – good stuff!!

What are you doing to celebrate the season? I would love to know. Leave a link in the comments and tell us all about it.


5 thoughts on “Grade 2: Celebrating the Season

  1. I really really love Jude’s pumpkin. The whole thing seems to be reaching for something out of sight to us. I really really love Jude’s pumpkin. If that’s not clear, I thought I’d repeat it.

    Word on the street is that people would Love to know how the meat of your days in a week work. Like a minute by minute replay. It might only be the word on my own particular street –but that doesn’t diminish that there is someone in fact mumbling, “I wonder exactly how Sheila does all of this cool stuff. Exactly.” Just thought you’d like to know what people are saying out here.

    • I love that you really really love Jude’s pumpkin. Your insight helps me to see.

      I remember someone (I think is was Mrs. Mallard) saying something about the intense saturation in Vincent’s paintings and that completely changed how I saw them.

      So thank you, as always, for your insights and how you see.

      Hmmm . . . I have been thinking about the meat of my days and how this year feels so different than years past. More expansive and more flexible. So yes, I will try to put that into words. Minute By Minute (like my caps??)

      Love to you, today and always.
      You are dear to my heart.

    • Thanks. They were really fun.

      I think I got the idea for the pumpkin painting a few years ago from a painting workshop Melisa Nielsen did on you tube (or maybe it was for TFW?) Anyway, it was great to finally put brush to paper so to speak.

      Hope you are enjoying autumn where you are.

  2. Beautiful. I decided to follow your lead and paint pumpkins too. We have missed our painting day the last few weeks, so it felt really good get back to it.

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