Links and Other Thinks: October 2013


* Lori has an incredible post demonstrating how to make felted geodes. (Did you know she takes blogging tutorial requests? She’s amazing AND she lives in Hawaii!)

* Andrea is starting a time management series today, specifically targeted to parents with older, active children.

* Emmie’s Resilience Series is blogging at its best.

If bras could talk. This is laugh out loud funny.

* Oh my: chocolate caramel coconut fudge

* Elizabeth has an extensive list of great autumn books for children.

* Do you guys know about the Little Free Library movement? It is one of my dreams that I really want to make come true.

* Ordered these ornament patterns from Alicia Paulson. I’m guessing they will keep me busy until Christmas.

* I loved this post from Mama – books, books and more books.

* This take on Whole Foods is raunchy and irreverent and had me laughing for days.

* Our whole family LOVES Daniel Pinkwater. I found this free cache of audiobooks on his website.

* Vincent had a bumper crop of jalapenos this year. I might have to twist his arm to make these bad boys: goat cheese stuffed poppers wrapped in bacon. Yowza!!

* Need to do this: homemade chai – black tea and herbal variations.

* So that’s how you make those cute little felt roses!

. . . ’til next month.

8 thoughts on “Links and Other Thinks: October 2013

    • Truly . . . great minds!

      Did you buy the kit or just the pattern? I’m just doing the patterns although I am a little nervous about the tracing and the cutting. I am not an exact crafter!

      • I just bought the pattern. I have only gotten as far as printing out the instructions and the pieces. But I practiced on some simpler patterns from wee folk art. They suggest (for embroidery on felt)tracing the pattern on tissue or wax paper and actually stitching through the paper onto the felt. I tried it on one of their leaf patterns this weekend and it really works! You just tear the wax paper away after you are finished. I may try the same for this pattern. I’ll let you know:)

  1. Ok, and I’ll stop after this, I swear. I just read the whole foods article and I am laughing so hard I am crying. SO Funny! Whole Foods started in my home state and we used to call it “whole paycheck” :)

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