Lesson Plans: October 2013


Our impromptu week at the beach has altered our lessons slightly. I never put vacations into my planning schedule, as we are not advance planners in that regard. Usually, I just pick up where we left off, but this time I’ve decided to cut and condense instead. We are ready to wrap up our current blocks and move on. So move on we shall. October is a busy month with a Michaelmas celebration, several shows at the downtown theatre, a camping trip, a visit from the NJ grandparents plus all the regular scout meetings, penny whistle lessons and whatnots we’ve got going on. Here’s what we are up to:

Vincent, 11 1/2 years old, grade 6: Vincent is still working his way through Rome, and while he is enjoying the material, he is not as enthusiastic as he was about Greece. In our remaining two weeks, we will be studying the historical Jesus and the fall of the Empire. After Rome we will move onto some math. I had originally slated geology for this month, but when I looked at our calendar, I knew we needed a block that wouldn’t suffer from the choppiness of all our extra activities. Math to the rescue!! We will be using the Key to workbooks for learning percentages and this book from Simply Charlotte Mason to begin business math. Vincent’s independent work will continue with handwriting practice and also exploring Latin roots with this workbook from the Critical Thinking Company.

Jude, 8 years old, grade 2: Jude has loved hearing the animal fables, drawing pictures in his main lesson book and bringing a menagerie of puppets to his desk everyday. We will finish this block tomorrow and then move on to our first math block. This block will be a review of the four processes, a bit of daily mental math and an introduction to place value. In addition to Eric Fairman’s A Path of Discovery and Donna Simmons’ Mathematics Grade 2, we are using this little gem from The Toymaker: The Mysterious Math Carnival. We will also embrace the season and incorporate a little nature study as we move into autumn. I have several books and stories that we always read at this time of year, plus the mandatory leaf and acorn crafts that we all love. I am also hoping to dye some yarn one day soon, if for no other reason than to clean out the bags of onion skins I have been saving for longer than I am willing to admit. (Ok, it’s been two years. That’s a lot of onions.)

Sheila: I think I actually started to twitch when I flipped the calendar page yesterday. I loathe having a chock-a-block schedule, but that is what this month is shaping up to be. At times, I can be really narrow-minded in my thinking of what constitutes “school”. “Learning” happens at the desks in that beautiful school room, whose color I agonized over and is evidenced by all the drawings and summaries I so painstakingly planned this summer. Yes? Yes? YES???!!! (Please tell me you are ruefully chuckling with me and not hysterically laughing at me.) My lesson this month will be to take one day at a time and delight in whatever that particular day brings. Taking a day (or two or more!) away from the desks each week will hopefully rejuvenate the spirit, stretch the mind and fill the heart. Maybe the boys will get something out of it too . . . Here’s to the bounty of autumn! May our harvests be full to overflowing.

One thought on “Lesson Plans: October 2013

  1. I think you are doing great! I did not realize until this year how regimented I was! I have had to “adjust” a LOT to use Andrea’s motto. Right now we are alternating weeks between History and Science so that we can give our full attention to each subject. Gray is also studying Rome right now in World History and is getting ready to start a project on the Punic Wars. I LOVE the Critical Thinking Company’s workbooks, I use those Word Roots books at school. I also ordered their Editor in Chief (grammar and writing) for Gray. I always love the peek into your schedule. Thanks for letting us be voyeurs:)

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