And the winner is . . .

. . . Sherry at Email me and I will send your watercolor starter kit to you as soon as possible. Thanks to all who left a comment. I hope to visit everyone’s little corner of the www sometime soon.


Check out this new page I created to record what we’ve been doing in the afternoon during our silent reading and handwork time.


And to make this post just a little more random, get a glimpse of our week at the beach. We had perfect weather, great food and lots and lots of laughs. (My brain is still on vacation. I promise to be more coherent on Wednesday!)


IMG_5947I had tons of art time and this was my view . . .

IMG_5832We saw a bunch of dolphins – so close you could almost touch them.

IMG_5864There is a picture of Tom just like this – same age, same ribs.

IMG_5842This kid still loves digging with Tonka trucks.

IMG_6050My favorite photo of the week.

IMG_2575My mom and I ready to escape all the boys and go thrifting!!

IMG_2561Huge haul at the Hi-Tech Arcade!

IMG_2546Setting off canons with Papa at Fort Fisher.

IMG_2522I think we did a new puzzle every day.

3 thoughts on “And the winner is . . .

    • You are cruel Timothy Sean!! I just said to Tom today, “So are the Yankees out of it?” I can’t remembered if he answered or not.

      Next time you talk to him, ask him about the REAL reason Jude is a Red Sox fan.

      Welcome back to the States!!

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