Links and Other Thinks: September 2013


* Placed our annual back-to-school order with Pat’s Beef Jerky. Yummy, yummy, yummy.

* Paper feathers – a free template.

* More free goodness: printables from Sarah Jane. Too cute.

* Drooling over: creamy coconut bars (gluten free); date hazelnut balls with coconut chocolate ganach (recipe all the way at the bottom of the wonderful post); sundae sauces.

* Read Kelley’s reflections and intentions that came out of Taproot last month.

* There is much wisdom in what Mama has to say about the fluidity of grade placement.

* Here’s another one from Mama: Primary Lessons in Nature

* My mother sent me this gem from one of her favorite spiritual teachers, Richard Rohr.

* Have you seen the new Magic Onions store? Donni has tons of felted loveliness going on there.

* Key tips about a great fitting bra. You want to read this one.

* Guess who’s back blogging? Andrea and Annette! WooHoo!!

* I am usually not a fan of mixed drinks, however this ginger/mint/vodka combination was dangerously good!

* Treated myself to this little bit of sweetness to hang above my desk. (Shine . . . It’s my word/intention for the year!)

* The Sabbath House: putting this on my wish list.

* Vivienne gets the last word this month: LOVE!

7 thoughts on “Links and Other Thinks: September 2013

  1. Sheila, My husband and I love Richard Rohr. I am now sure I would hit it off with your mother. And my son, Jack, loves Mary Oliver and one of his poetry writing mantras is your quote from yesterday. I have been reading another book about teaching called “Teaching with your Mouth Shut” that also emphasizes the importance of ending with a question. You are three for three around here, my friend!!
    xoxo Alison

    • Do you guys know the enneagram from Richard Rohr? So, so much to talk about!!

      I have wanted to post that Oliver quote since I read it back in February, but I didn’t know what to say about it exactly. Then I thought “I’ll just post it. It speaks for itself.”

      I love being in good with the Manzers!!

      PS How’s the blog coming???

  2. All great stuff. Thank you! I especially love The Sabbath House. It looks heavenly and I’m putting it on my wish list too! Over the summer, I’ve been gradually reading and thinking about Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight in Our Busy Lives by Wayne Muller. I love his insights on Sabbath as part of the rhythm of life, the balance between work and rest.

  3. Ah, the sabbath! A beautiful part of my week and the most important Jewish holiday! My goal is to turn off my computer and phone from Friday night to Saturday night, and just be. And I always make dessert for Shabbat dinner on Fridays, so this week, I’m going to try the date hazelnut balls! I can always count on you, Sheila, for delectable treats. I’ll let you know how they go over with my crew!

  4. You know I love Links and Thinks xoxo Still savoring — an exercise in restraint that I haven’t clicked on them all (:

    That Primary Nature lessons is so lovely…as my printer will attest (: Here’s the link to the full lovely book, all printed and bound and, I suspect, not weighing 5 pounds as my binder does 9:

    I did see that there is a bird unit within each season… Hmmm….

    Links and Thinks!!

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