Links and Other Thinks: August 2013

My contribution to our Art Ladies' annual calendar

My contribution to the Art Ladies’ annual calendar

* Whatever your feelings about Eat, Pray, Love, put them aside and watch this.

* Want to know what Rudolf Steiner has to say about watercolor painting? Look no further. (I found it funny and freeing.)

* You can usually count on something from the Purl Bee to be mentioned here. This month it’s these drawstring bags and these backpacks. Love!

* More than you ever wanted to know about making butter – in a stand mixer no less.

* Emmie over at Pie Jesu sent me this article about Uber-Moms by Shannon Hayes. It is spot on.

* Our new favorite podcast? The Splendid Table.

* Another great one from Sir Ken Robinson.

* Melisa Nielsen has a great round up of the temperaments on her blog. I find being familiar with them to be so helpful in parenting.

* This was another great post from Melisa about proper grade placement. I couldn’t agree more with everything she says.

* Although I am not gluten-free, I love reading the Gluten-Free Girl’s blog. This post about quitting sugar is compelling.

* These are my favorite skin products. I particularly love this soap. I use it to wash my face, and it is so kind to my sometimes temperamental 40-something skin. And this little concoction is a MIRACLE product – it cures everything from blemishes to scrapes, cuts and nasty foot things.

* I purchased two of these cute little embroidery samplers. Vincent and I have not progressed  much in our hand-stitching and I think these will be nice for our handwork baskets.

* This page of photographs and quotations took my breath away. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

* I have wanted to make some hand-carved stamps for a while now. Wadda ya think, Art Ladies? Sounds like a fun Saturday to me!

* Coconut Crack Bars? Yes, please!! And these coconut cookies sound a little too easy – like I could whip them up in a second, eat them all myself and no one would be the wiser.

13 thoughts on “Links and Other Thinks: August 2013

  1. I love every single link. I took time this morning before the baby was up to enjoy each one. I am in love with those samplers and I think I want Melisa to move in with us:) What a wise lady. Thanks as always for your great resources.

    • That sounds like a luxurious morning, glad I could be a part of it.

      The temperaments were my first “way in” with Waldorf. Because I had studied the enneagram for so long, the temperaments were really easy for me to see and work with. I find them very helpful and I think Melisa’s series is spectacular. She is a good friend too.

      The samplers are a little smaller than I expected them to be, but they are very cool. Can’t wait to start on them.

      Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day.

  2. I love your August calendar page. It makes me happy to see it everyday. And I’m very up for a stamp carving play day. Let me know when…..

    • Great. Has anyone done stamp carving before? I haven’t, but it just looks so cool.

      Let’s talk details the next time we get together. Stone Bowl???!!!

    • Oh yes, I am a Sarah Jane Junkie!! I don’t have that particular set of patterns, but I do have many others – you know sitting around waiting to be stitched . . . Her artwork decorates our walls in the schoolroom too. LOVE her work.

      • Oh my! The rabbit trails that I follow from Links and Thinks (:

        The girls are contemplating which Sarah Jane to do (I can’t decide and have 8 windows open with my “final round” of picks!)

        We’re contemplating the color wheel.

        However, I just saw this workshop the artist of the color wheel does — any experience or thoughts to share on this?

        As to the color wheel, the printing on it — is it black line or colored around the edges like all the photos in the etsy listing?

        contemplating all 3 of us sitting down for the workshop and learning it together. … which would mean we’d buy the other, in my opinion less aesthetically pleasing, sampler…

        Now, I really Must do something else (:

        • The color wheel is exactly as pictured. Black lines where you stitch and a rainbow swath of color around the edge of the circle.I have not done any creative bug classes – well, I take that back. I did a free one with Maya Donnenfeld on bunting (you’re shocked. I know.)

          Why don’t you guys try Sarah Jane’s free rabbit first? That is one that I did complete. So, so darling. Here is the link

          LMK what you decide so I can embroider vicariously through you!!

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