A Bit of a Break


Andrea and I are off to Taproot tomorrow morning. I look forward to this little retreat every year. Re-connecting with old friends, meeting new ones and indulging in long stretches of uninterrupted time by myself. These quiet days away allow me perspective on the way ahead. I’ve decided to extend this time away and participate in “The August Break” hosted by the lovely Susannah Conway. I think it is just what I need to re-invigorate myself, get school started and return fresh in this space come September. I am most likely going to stick to my regular posting schedule, however, I am not planning on writing much. I hope to follow Susannah’s photographic prompts (see below) and post them beginning Monday August 5. I also have a few old posts I want to re-blog, a couple of very exciting guest posts and perhaps a few other surprises along the way.

Wishing you all a cool and dry August that is everything you need it to be.



*** My camera feels lifeless lately, and I am in sore need of some photographic inspiration. And really, it’s not my camera, but my eye that needs a little help. I’m hoping having a daily task will help me to see what is around me in fresh light. Here is the list if you want to join in as well.


4 thoughts on “A Bit of a Break

    • Thanks Emmie.

      I’ll be in touch when I return from Ohio.

      Be kind to yourself in this next little bit. Well . . . really be kind to yourself always.

      Love to you.

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