Habit: Reflective Friday

Inspiration for today taken from habit.

A picture, a few words, a little mystery, that somehow form a visual journal of my previous week.

Have a great weekend, friends.
A dose of the big city was what everyone needed.
Farmer-logic is something I don’t pretend to understand.
It’s a standoff.
IMG_5146It feels like the right decision.
I had forgotten all about that song.

8 thoughts on “Habit: Reflective Friday

      • Yes and yes again! Loved it, too. Great to be in your company, as always. Another girls night out in the next few months I hope?! I may be hangin’ with you know who tomorrow night… Any messages you me to relay?

        • No, no messages. Although I cannot get his voice singing certain lines out of my head. Resisted the urge all day yesterday to pop in his CD. Hopefully it’s full of scratches, being it’s from 1994!!

          No, don’t need to go down the “long road” again.


    • I’m sure I’ve told you that the clothesline is my favorite place to pray and that I think of it as my church.

      Although with this summer of rain, I’ve had to find other outlets. Praying at the dryer just isn’t the same.

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