The Cowboy Boot Contessa Makes . . .

Snacks!! I found this interesting. The images from previous posts in this series came from a 1939 picture dictionary for children. There was no entry for the word “snack” . . . interesting . . . because it seems as though children today would starve to death without snacks. (Just ask my boys. “We’re STARVING. We need a SNACK.”) So snacks . . . we usually have one in between lessons, one in the afternoon during storytime and another one before bed. The snack before bed is easy (no choices): toast with hot milk – easy, peasy. Snacks during the day vary.

  • avocado and tortilla chips
  • cheese quesadillas
  • english muffin pizzas
  • english muffins with cream cheese
  • fruits and nuts
  • peanut butter on toast
  • ham roll-ups
  • banana, milk and peanut butter smoothies
  • popcorn (have you tried this recipe yet? Oh, my. It’s good. And we just use Old Bay.)
  • cold cereal with milk

Have you seen/read about Melisa Nielsen’s snack tray ideas? How about these energy balls from Rachel over at Clean? And Mama and the girls, read what they have to say about snacks and books. What little bits and bites are you eating at your house?

6 thoughts on “The Cowboy Boot Contessa Makes . . .

  1. We only snack around 3:00 most days, and since it’s well into the 90’s by that time in the summer, we focus on cooling foods — lots of smoothies, plain yogurt with fruit and honey, homemade popsicles. I also gauge our snacks based on dinner — if we’re having something I know everyone likes, we go light!

  2. I struggle with snacks. For my 10 year old I find them less necessary but the nature of family homeschooling is that he is offered them alongside the youngers. I like to keep pounds of carrots on hand and I make sure we have sourdough bread. Yogurt is always good. I go easy on the fruit and try to push the fats to keep everyone focused. Thanks for the post. Good for me to think of these things as I begin to plan for the upcoming lesson work.

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