The Cowboy Boot Contessa Makes . . .


About once a week, I make a trip down to our second freezer that we have in our spring house. This is where I keep the meat we buy from our neighbors: chicken, beef, and pork. We also have a bunch of salmon that we buy from a local family who goes fishing in Alaska every year. (They’re really cool and have pick-up points throughout NC and GA. Check them out here.) So dinner is pretty much determined by what is currently defrosted and waiting in the refrigerator to be cooked. In addition to some kind of protein, I usually make a starch (pasta, rice, potatoes) and some kind of veggie. Once or twice a week we’ll have pasta without any meat. Saturday is always pizza night and Sunday dinner is always pasta and red sauce. I love not thinking about what to cook on the weekends – it makes things easy. And really, this is my overall goal with meal planning in general and the reason I started this series. I think we will go back to a menu, but hopefully it will be more detailed and more inspired than in the past.

What’s cooking at your house for dinner? Or do you call it supper? My neighbors are such sticklers about the evening meal being called “supper.” (And just to keep me on my yankee-toes, they call the midday “dinner”. I have lived here for 20 years and this still confuses me.) Anyway, I would love to know what you’re making this evening . . . or any other evening for that matter.


More dinner recipes can be found here.


7 thoughts on “The Cowboy Boot Contessa Makes . . .

  1. My menu planning flies out the window this time of year! We’re grilling out, and eating lots of salads! I find I can tolerate a lot more last minuteness in the summertime.

    But I do have a general weekly plan and a little menu board that helps tremendously. Such a critical part of my rhythm and homeschooling.

    Sunday – Soup & Salad
    Monday – Mexican or Mediterranean
    Tuesday – Tart (quiche or favs like tomato/basil tart, kale & cranberry tart…)
    Wednesday – Wacky Wednesday (breakfast for dinner or something unexpected)
    Thursday – Take Out Night (literally OR burgers, dogs, sushi at home)
    Friday – Shabbat (a big meal with either chicken or fish)
    Saturday – Pizza

    So I’ll pick a recipe and put it on the calendar board that fits the category, and the cool thing is that then anyone in the house can prepare it!

    Tonight we’re having leftover chicken (loving the chicken salad ideas…I think I’ll do that), zucchini on the grill and fresh blueberries with ice cream! Not really Wacky Wednesday…although the starting point was the idea for blueberries and ice cream…gotta go with what’s fresh!

  2. Dang, i thought Wednesday was going to be Snacks.
    Which I didn’t really have much to write about anyhow — so I parlayed it to a post about food And Books. Homeschoolers can be an independent lot, no?
    So, I’m working on something that’s more dinner-ish… But also more planner-ish. And a little bit of what Jean is talking about taboot.
    And I’m looking forward to looking through your linked recipes — the Cowboy Boot Contessa’s Book hasn’t failed us yet!
    Time to get ready to take girls to circus camp. (isn’t that so cool?!)

  3. While we don’t have a set menu, there are things that show up on a regular basis:
    My husband’s meatloaf, which I don’t have the exact recipe for, but I have to say is amazing, and my lentil and lemon peel soup which is from the “From a Monastery Kitchen” cookbook. Also, we love spinach lasagna around here. I think the original recipe I got from the “Teen’s Vegetarian Cookbook.” My eldest is veggie, so we still make many of those recipes although he is out of the nest.

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