The Cowboy Boot Contessa Makes . . .

IMG_5027By noontime, we are all starving and lunch is a full-on meal at our house. Granted, it is a meal usually built around leftovers, but it is something substantial like chicken curry, chicken cutlets, soup, hamburgers, pasta carbonara or burritos. The boys do eat their fair share of frozen fish sticks, and Vincent definitely eats his body weight in cold cuts every year. A ham and cheese sandwich with mayo (NOT mustard!) being his all-time favorite. My current favorite lunch is stir-fried veggies (usually zucchini and onions – thanks to my neighbor!) served on top of brown rice. I try to make a bunch of brown rice at one time. It freezes great and quickly defrosts under hot running water. Jude’s favorite lunch is “quick soup” – which is something completely different in his mind than “real” soup. “Quick” soup is made by taking out a little plastic container of frozen stock, a little plastic container of frozen lentils and cooking them on the stove with about a cup of water and a healthy dose of sea salt. Add cut up leftover chicken and leftover pasta – presto! “quick” soup.

What about at your house? What are you eating in the middle of the day? Classics like PB&J? Grilled cheese and tomato soup? Is lunch seasonal at your house? And does anyone else have a child who doesn’t eat sandwiches? Can you tell me what you do when you need a quick, portable mid-day meal?

PS Mama and the girls are having lunch with the Queen! She’s got some great ideas over there – royalty or not.


Click to see some other lunch ideas.


5 thoughts on “The Cowboy Boot Contessa Makes . . .

  1. Hey there…what a timely conversation! I think meal planning is one of the most stressful parts of my job! My post pertains to your comments on ‘you know what mama’…I make a “sandwich” chicken salad (mayo, mustard, relish, s&p, celery seed) and a “dinner” version (mayo, orange/lemon peel, halved grapes, roasted pecans and linguini on a bed of lettuce). As for vegies with pesto, I open a can of organic, diced, herbed tomatoes and mix ’em in cold.
    If you do lunchmeat, you could try a tortilla spread with cream cheese, some salami and quartered (long-ways) sweet gherkin pickles. Roll ’em up, cut in 1″ slices and arrange with another bit of pickle to look like a snail. My husband is good at making “faces” with our lunch options. Cucumber for eyes, strawberry for nose, apple for ears, etc.
    We also make a cold berry soup which is great on these ridiculously hot days! Looking forward to hearing what others are doing!

    • That Sebastian!! He is so clever.

      Love all these ideas – especially about the roll-ups. Need to figure out a version Jude would eat. I actually saw one that included chopped apples, nuts, raisins mixed with honey and peanut butter.

      Hope it cools down up there. Kinda like I wish it would stop raining here. It’s been a weird summer.

      Love to you.

  2. I need a good chicken salad recipe — and I think Alisha just gave me two. Thanks Alisha (:
    I am also inspired by “quick soup” — your 7 year old is on the road to the same culinary genius you all seem to share.

    • Freezing everything in little containers is the key – especially the lentils. I also do this with black beans and pinto beans. I soak a bag of beans overnight and then cook them in the crockpot on low. This is the only way I have ever been able to cook beans through and not have them split open. Then I scoop out the beans and a little liquid into cream cheese containers and pop them in the freezer. If I’m feeling extra fastidious, I label them.

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