Links and Other Thinks: July 2013


July is the one month in which we don’t do school at all, so I am skipping my usual “Lesson Plans” post. Enjoy these links and thinks and I’ll see you back here for “Habit: Reflective Friday”. Happy 4th of July to those of you in the good ole US of A!! xoxo, Sheila

* Dream big. (Thanks, Vivienne.)

* Kelley’s homeschooling advice is real and refreshing. Read it if you are a newbie, a veteran or somewhere in between. (Thanks, Kelley!)

* This is a sweet little needle case. A nice handwork project to keep and use or give away.

* My love of bunting is no secret. If you share my passion for things on string, check out this bit of eye candy. (Thanks, Jane!)

* This tutorial for a 5 minute tepee is something I’m keeping in my back pocket.

* Here’s a blog full of truth and beauty. The writing is exquisite and the poetic choices are luminous. (Thanks, Alisha!)

* I enjoyed listening to this podcast about John James Audubon. It made me want to make a trip to the NY Historical Society to see the original watercolors and read the latest biography on Audubon himself. (I ordered the book and hope to read it before our Bird Block in August.)

* Lest you think Tom does nothing except provide comic relief for my blog posts, his graphic design firm is celebrating 10 years in business. Check out their new website. It’s fancy.

* These (free!) embroidered felt patterns for a variety of birds are amazing!!

* Jude wants to make a fairy house for Tiptoes Lightly. Look at these patterns – so cute.

* These knitted hedgehogs are way above my skill with needles and yarn, but how cute are they??

* Now that the demise of Google Reader is official, I have made the switch to Bloglovin‘. Not sure about it yet, but I guess we’ll see. (edited to say: I think I like Bloglovin’ even better than Google Reader. I used it today and really, really like how you read posts in their proper blog setting. Still not lovin‘ the name, however. Oh, and I put a button on my sidebar if you want to subscribe that way.)

10 thoughts on “Links and Other Thinks: July 2013

  1. I love the bird patterns. I am thinking a mobile would be lovely! You will have to post pictures if you all do the fairy houses, those are so so adorable!

    • Yes, very impressive. And we are the proverbial cobbler’s children. I have wanted a logo for our homeschool for, oh, 7 years now. And NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH!!

      Forget Sure as the World or a custom blog . . . can’t afford them, even though I am sleeping with the boss.


  2. Is it already Links and Thinks time again? Oh, it snuck up on me and what a wonderful surprise to check in this morning and see it …there…waiting for me. I know I’ve shared how much I love to savor this particular monthly feature (:

    I’ve linked to one thing … the bird patterns. My mom’s 60th birthday is at the end of next month and the girls and I have a big plan for a quilt — although I’ve never made a real quilt. And on said quilt is going to be a tree with her favorite bird, her mother’s favorite bird, my favorite, and each of the girls — since we are long lines of bird lovers. So, needless to say, the patterns are quite perfect for today! There will also be a book under said tree. So, if you find any book patterns …. (:

    What a lovely treat xoxxo

    • What a wonderful idea!! You don’t cross stitch do you? I have a printed cross stitch lap quilt with 9 songbirds. It is lovely, but so beyond my math skills – all that counting!!!I would love to send it to a good home.

      I will be on the lookout for a book pattern.

      Yes, happy July. Where DID June go?


  3. No cross-stitching here…yet. You’re always so generous.

    June went up in 22 gallons of paint, landscaping, floor refinishing, generally moving every single thing I know (far more than 100) from one place to another and then back again, innumerable trips to goodwill and the post office and taking up a second residence at Lowe’s Hardware Emporium. That’s where my June went, anyhow (;

  4. Well, I have officially linked to all the links. C’mon August! (;

    Love Tom’s sunflower imagery on his site (:
    Love the vintage paper bunting. May have to do that some time soon….
    It continues to pour rain by the buckets here — and I’m looking forward to a break to make that awesome teepee. What a magic childhood the blogger had.

    Pops left this afternoon. We were working on the house until the final minute. (: This voyage is only scheduled for 3 months and “school” starts first week of august — so it will be a fast one, I think.

    Anyway… my tea cup is empty and it’s time to make a stormy dinner. Soup, anyone?

    • Raining all day here too. Soup sounds good.

      Pops . . . I don’t know how you guys do it.

      Would love to know what you are planning for next year. Dinah starts grade 1, yes? Grace, grade 4?

      Exciting stuff.

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