Links and Other Thinks: June 2013


* Jean and Alison have started a new blog called “Reading Steiner“. If you have ever wanted to know what Steiner actually said to those individuals who started the first Waldorf school back in 1919, this is a great opportunity. And if you sign up for Jean’s mailing list, she will send you an article entitled, “What did Steiner Say?”

* In last month’s Links and Thinks, I told you I was taking this e-course. Because of it, I am now on flickr. Feel free to drop by and see what develops over there.

* If you need a manifesto for raising children, read this. (Thanks Rachel!)

* Here is a great pillowcase tutorial. Easy, yet fancy.

* This is an amazing concept about music and identity and God and life. Take a minute and read it. (Thanks Annette!)

* Hoping to make these recipes soon: green soup, popcorn (Made this. Wow! It’s good! Too good.)

* Because I have piles upon piles of photos waiting to be put into albums, Tom has started making us yearly books. (We also get a copy for both sets of grandparents – best Christmas gift ever and worth every penny!)

* When I saw this on Kelly Rae’s site, I got to thinking I’m going to do it for my blog too.

* Remember friendship bracelets? I think they would make a great handwork project this summer.

* These would be great for a fairy garden.

* If you are local to WNC, Diana Wortham Theatre just published their school shows for next year. Looks like a spectacular line up.

* Alisha and I were talking about our love of hankies when she was here. This is a great tutorial for making your own.

2 thoughts on “Links and Other Thinks: June 2013

  1. Links and Other Thinks has become one of my favorite monthly visits on sureastheworld — I come back when I take a breath moment and dip in to wherever you’re linking. It’s lovely.

    I linked up to the manifesto about raising children in my local homeschool group — someone commented that they played in the rain with their 3.5 year old after reading it. See.

    I think I’ve linked to everything already and it’s So Long before next month’s Links and Thinks… I always did eat my Easter candy too fast.


    • So good to know, as I think I am the least internet savvy person I know.

      Plus I love to add to this post throughout the month (before) bc I always forget where I saw something. Kinda like I forget I have all those boards on Pintrest – that place is like a black hole for me.


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