Plans for June 2013


Vincent, 11 1/2, rising 6th grader: Vincent has a bit to finish on his timeline, take his (state-mandated) end of the year test, and review the year’s work before bundling it all up for the attic. I hope to frame a couple of paintings we did this year, however, I don’t have much confidence in this. I am terrible at displaying art of any kind, but it is something I always want to do. Maybe it will happen. The rest of June will be spent working on his physical fitness requirements for Boy Scouts and basically being outside and playing all the ding-dong day. Vincent is signed up for his first ever sleep-away camp. This feels like a new stage of independence and I hope we can all navigate these times with grace. Hmmm . . . I may need to stock up on extra candles for that week.

Jude, almost 8, rising 2nd grader: Jude has been finished with school for a couple of weeks, but he also needs to take his (state-mandated) end of the year test this month too. Jude is on a waiting list for his first ever day camp – we’ll see if he gets in or not. Jude was resistant to the idea back in the spring and then, of course, warmed to it when most camps were full. If it doesn’t happen this year, we’ll register early next year. Both boys will continue penny whistle lessons this summer with the lovely Miss Beth. This feels good to keep a rhythm of going to town one day during the week. We can meet Tom for ice cream, go to the “big” library or just run some errands. Jude has been embracing summer with lots of ball play (actually, this knows no season) and spending lots of time in the tree house.

Sheila: I am actually spending today planning for next year with Andrea and Jean. Picture us here – only with lots of Waldorf books and gluten-free snacks! (If you ever want to vacation in Asheville, NC this is a great house to rent. It belongs to two friends of mine who generously loaned it to us for the day.) Expect to hear more about our planning session in future posts. The rest of June will be spent refining my plans for 6th and 2nd grade, and also cleaning out my bookshelves and the school room. Instead of looking for more resources for next year, I want to make a thorough inventory of what I already have and see where I can plug these things into our blocks for next year. Painting the school room is also on my agenda for sometime this summer – hopefully it’s on Tom’s too, as he is the painter in the family. (Got that Tom? Paint the school room! LOL)

8 thoughts on “Plans for June 2013

  1. Have fun in your planning session, that sounds like a delightful time. The first away time at camp is hard (on you as a parent) but it gets easier when you see that your child enjoyed it. My toddler and I are starting a one week Kindermusik class today. I am excited and know she will love it, as music is her favorite thing on earth. Ahhh, summer!

    • My now 6 year old has always loved music. Loved.It. We spent a year when she was about 1.5 years old doing “Music Together” and she adored it — if it’s available in your area. We still have the accompanying music cds — they’ve been fun! Hope you are well (:

  2. A day of planning for school…in a beautiful place…with likeminded beautiful people? Lucky dog! Sounds wonderful!!

    Sounds like a lovely summer ahead (:


    PS. “floating frames” — those kind that are large pieces of glass sandwiched together and held together with a frame — those are excellent for easy display of paper art because they can accommodate so many sizes and 2-D shapes. (:

    • It was just fantastic! Although I am still exhausted this morning.

      Thanks for the tip. A friend of mine in my art group read my lament and offered to do it for me. I LOVE stuff like that. So, I’m going to take her up on her offer.

      Hope you are well.

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