What’s Cookin’?: Spring 2013 Edition


* Our CSA just started up again. It feels like all is right with the world.

* I purchased another cow from my neighbor, which means lots of burgers on the grill. I’m slightly addicted to mixing ketchup with chipotle powder and using more than is polite. It’s great on french fries too.

* Instead of hunting for the little index card that has my Saturday night pizza recipe every Saturday afternoon, I taped it to the inside of my cabinet door with washi tape.

* The Easter Bunny gave me two cheese making books – this one and this one. Any tips? I’ll be starting with raw cow’s milk, as there are 7 milk cows between 2 of my neighbors. That’s a lot of milk!

* Due to all that milk, I have a variety of jars containing mysterious white liquids in my refrigerator. I know exactly what is in each one, but it drives Tom nuts. In order to appease him somewhat, I have taken to flipping the mason jar lids to the underside to designate buttermilk. (The white side shows rather than the gold.)

* Actually I have quite a reputation for not labeling anything in the kitchen – don’t even try to guess what is in my freezer or spice drawer! However, the one thing I have labeled very clearly are my identical jars of white flour. I used staz-on ink to stamp “all purpose” and “bread” on the corresponding lids.

* We had out-of-town guests last weekend, and I had a variety of items I wanted to remember to serve at each meal. I used my mother-in-law’s trick of taping a list to the outside of the cabinet door. It worked like a charm! I do this on holidays and birthdays too.

* My mom’s method for heating up leftover pizza is the best. Preheat the broiler and put the slices of pizza cheese side down on a cookie sheet. Heat the bottoms thoroughly. (I set the timer for about 2 minutes, because I always forget I have something in the broiler.) Flip the slices over, and heat until cheese is bubbly. Tastes like you just made it.

* If you bake bread a lot, designate a powdered sugar shaker for flour. (Feel free to label it if you must. I don’t ; )) This ensures you don’t use too much flour when you’re kneading and shaping.

* I went to visit a friend who had been in the hospital recently. I wanted to bring her a meal, but didn’t have time to make one beforehand. Instead, I took the ingredients with me and prepared dinner while we chatted.

* Looking forward to making these two recipes soon: coconut pound cake and Nutella swirl pound cake.

* Anyone have a good recipe for crackers? How about one that uses a sourdough starter?

What’s been cookin’ at your house? Do tell!


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4 thoughts on “What’s Cookin’?: Spring 2013 Edition

  1. We just embarked on a gluten dairy and sugar free experiment this week that we are calling the great food adventure. So lots of experimenting with new recipes right now and some have been a hit and some a total flop!

    • We were gluten free for a very short time and it felt like a whole new world.
      Calling it the great food adventure sounds like you guys have the right attitude!
      Good luck.

    • I was reading “A Year of Pies” yesterday and thinking about you, as you are the “Pie Queen” in my book. I’ll check out the chocolate pie – maybe I’ll get Vincent to make it.

      And just to clarify, my friend was home from the hospital – although the picture of me with a hot pot at her bedside is pretty funny!

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