Habit: Reflective Friday

Inspiration for today taken from habit.

A picture, a few words, a little mystery, that somehow form a visual journal of my previous week.

Have a great weekend, friends.
I chose baking the cake instead of cleaning the house. Trusting she will agree with my priorities.
Being with her was easy and effortless and just as wonderful as I remembered.
So much was different, yet nothing has changed.
Anam cara. That’s how it feels.
IMG_3999It’s hard. And something I want to explore.

15 thoughts on “Habit: Reflective Friday

    • I’ve always known it simply as “soul friend”. I love what they say in that link too. Been thinking about you. Hope all is well.

    • Thanks. I was wondering what kind of camera you used for that shot of the mourning dove on her nest. It was a beauty!

      Wondering where this week went. I am going to visit a friend this afternoon, any chance of connecting this weekend?

      Love to you.

      • The Morning Dove photo was from my cell phone camera. We seem to have a bird paradise in our backyard this Spring. It’s been a joyful “study.” I’ll send another photo of yet another nest, a robin’s nest, that has 4 baby birds. Earlier this week, one baby fell out of the nest. With great concern, the girls and I looked up how to handle it. I put on gloves and gently placed it back in the nest. Five minutes later this same little one fell out again. As soon as I put it back again, the Mother Robin came back with food and then sat on all of them to warm them. Many times since then, the girls have kept an eye on these babies. They are growing quickly. As we all are, if we can just slow down and recognize it! One of the many gifts of your blog is the message of gratitude for the present moment, beauty & simplicity. Thank you!

  1. Thanks for the anam cara link Mama. With a Gaelic name like Siobhan, I’m fascinated with all things Celtic/ Irish!

    • Wow. Love this song! That is so cool that Beth is teaching your boys to play it.

      I listened to O’Donohue’s Anam Cara on cassette tapes (many years ago). I think I would appreciate it even more now. Thanks for the idea.

      See- we’re having a “visit” anyway this morning!

        • Can someone say kindred spirits? Anam Cara is one of my all time favorite books, and the spirit that my husband and I always said brought us back together after 20+ years…I LOVE that song, Sheila. I played the link and my toddler immediately started dancing and smiling.

          • Kindred . . . yes . . .

            When I wrote that I said to myself “Emmie is going to say she has had dinner with John O’Donohue when she worked at the bookstore – and then I’m going to have to drive myself to her house and camp out on her lawn!!”

            The song is fabulous, isn’t it??

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