Grade 1: Math


This was our third and final math block of the year. Jude continues to be comfortable with numbers, so my goal was simply to continue using the 4 processes. We read a few fairy tales that showcased counting and also embarked on an impromptu handwork project: stringing 100 buttons. (This was the project I saw on The Magic Onions that we never got to during December.) Jude and I spent a good part of 2 weeks with the buttons. In addition to working with Jude’s fine motor coordination, he kept track of our progress. We counted by 2s, 3s, 5s, and 10s. At one point, it became obvious the buttons were not going to fit on the piece of string we cut, so we had to cut a second string and divide the buttons in half.

I will be honest, by this point in the year, I was ready to start giving Jude some “real” work. He even asked to do mental math like Vincent does. We tried that for a day. He was not very enthusiastic about my story, so I let it go and he stopped asking. Seven is young. There will be plenty of time for proper math practice down the road – just ask Vincent! By keeping our main lessons short and full of movement, Jude was able to get back to his real work – play.


  • Christopherus Grade 1 Syllabus, Donna Simmons


  • Stringing 100 buttons. (I used a heavy cotton string and dipped the end in melted candle wax. The waxed tip made it much easier to thread through the holes. And what ever you do – do not put the strung buttons in a heap. Hang the string from something instead to keep it straight when you are not working on it. Let’s just say, I think it took me longer to untangle the buttons than it did to string the buttons in the first place. Not fun!)



  • Finishing main lesson book we began in October. (On the two pages below we traced 12 dresses for “The Twelve Dancing Princesses” and came up with 12 ways to make 12.)



  • Skip counting with beanbags.


Click the images below to see our other grade 1 math blocks.



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