Links and Thinks: May 2013


* This is a lovely story of what can be accomplished by walking and talking. (Thanks Mama!)

* Read this and this – especially if you need to remember why you started homeschooling way back in September. (Thanks Carrie and Rachel!)

* I’m slightly in love with this woman’s blog and e-courses. I feel like I’ve discovered a whole new photographic world. Oh, and here is another one of her blogs – swoon! Update: **I just registered for this e-course – so excited!!**

* Do you know Emmie over at Pie Jesu? She is one of the stars in my sky. Her writing is heartfelt and true and makes me believe there can be real connection out here in the blogosphere.

* Letters from Ladytown is really starting to feel like a community. Have you stopped by lately? There are a bunch of new letters up.

* Don’t forget about the Spring Faire, over at Seasons of Joy! Andrea and I are planning a nice giveaway and I’m excited to be guest blogging about one of my favorite topics: cooking with kids!

* And one of my favorite happenings of the year is just around the corner. The 4th Annual Global Waldorf Expo. Donna does a great job on this and her line-up of speakers is stellar (as usual). You can check it out here.

* This was a great video about developing an online presence and a blogging voice.

9 thoughts on “Links and Thinks: May 2013

  1. Sheila, have you purchased the audio for the Waldorf Expo in the past? Wondering if that’s a good route to take. I’m a little confused about how long the sessions are available to hear for free . . .

    • Hey Trace,
      I do purchase the audios every year. I love to listen to them at my convenience during my summer planning and throughout the year as well. I also like having an audio library to refer to. This year, I focused on bringing a lot more music to our day. It was nice to go back and listen to the shows about music.
      I will tell you that my link is an affiliate link. This is the first time Donna has offered this, but I have endorsed her Expo just as enthusiastically without the kickback.

  2. What a rich collection of links all in one place! Some are old favorites and others now new favorites. Mama’s story of Wren especially touched my heart. Thank you Mama.
    Thank you Sheila.xo

  3. I will enjoy taking a look at all of these links. I am a tad “verklempt” and more than a bit honored to be included! I signed up for the Expo and cannot wait. I have already listened to some downloads. Very encouraging. Thank you for the recommendation and even more so for your friendship. Love and hugs!

  4. I’m back for a moment from my internet black out and what a lovely surprise I found here (which happens so often, I don’t think I should be surprised anymore).

    I, too, feel honored to have made the Links and Thinks xoxo

    What I love best is how everyone who comes to sureastheworld ends up…together. I don’t know how to articulate that at the moment — but I don’t think I need to. I think that Sheila and Emmie and Siomac all know what I mean.



    • I have been thinking about this, and really it is the “conversation” that makes this place special. Otherwise, it would just be me blathering on . . . lol

      So thank you, friends. You fill my heart and make the journey worthwhile.


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