Join me over at The Magic Onions!

I have a post up over on The Magic Onions today! Thanks to Donni for making me feel so welcome over on her blog and letting me share a little bit about my story of how we came to Waldorf. I truly love the sense of community I have found online with other Waldorf families. It is a gift.


OK . . . back to the beach . . . See you on Monday!!


4 thoughts on “Join me over at The Magic Onions!

  1. Hi Sheila, I enjoyed reading your piece for The Magic Onions and absolutely agree with all the points you made. Like you, I wish I had known all this from the start, but from experience comes wisdom and I think you have that in bucket-loads. X Cathy

  2. Folly looks amazing…hope you are having a good time. It is chilly and grey here…you aren’t missing a thing!!

    • Hey Emmie,

      For some reason, I can’t email here at the beach. I will answer your question about homeschooling teens when I get back. Sorry!!

      Thinking of you too.

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