Habit: Reflective Friday

Inspiration for today taken from habit.

A picture, a few words, a little mystery, that somehow form a visual journal of my previous week.

Have a great weekend, friends.
Date night.
He has grown so much.
Gentle God . . .
I found them quietly listening to a baseball game on the radio in the middle of the day. And despite everything, everywhere else, for some reason, it gave me hope.
IMG_3754In the end, it came down to bribery. Big Haircut = Big Playmobil.

2 thoughts on “Habit: Reflective Friday

  1. I love the photos.

    I understand completely about listening to the baseball game and hope. Sometimes it seems that our focus, the focus of our society is on things that don’t bring hope or peace…but listening to a baseball game, the old fashioned way, that is a good thing.

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