Links and Other Thinks: April 2013


* Lori’s post about making a knitting basket and a sewing basket is wonderful. I find her blog both beautiful and inspiring. It feels like a virtual Hawaiian getaway every time I visit.

* Meal planning has fallen by the wayside around here. I like Rachel’s method and free download.

* Newspaper bunting from Maya over at MayaMade looks like a fun and easy project to do with the boys.

*And this short post by Maya as well gets to the heart of spring cleaning. Read it if your stuff is getting to you.

* This was a great podcast about fairy tales and why we need them as people.

* Andrea’s husband, Philip, posted a father’s perspective about homeschooling. I think such voices are rare and refreshing.

* Nikki over at Ninny-noodle-noo has a great overview of grade 2. I bookmarked it for next year’s planning. She has also started a menu planning link up that sounds like it could get my butt in gear. See it here.

* This podcast with the author of the book Present Shock, had fascinating ideas about the concept of time in a world where “now” is the only thing that means anything anymore.

* This just in: Barbara Dewey has just announced the dates for Taproot’s homeschool teacher training. There are no details yet, but you can find the dates for the kindergarten and the grades training here.

* And last but not least, have you been to Ladytown yet? We are still defining and refining that space and would love to add your voice to the process. There is a new letter up and also a regular Friday feature called “Words for the Weekend“.


Anything interesting you’ve come across lately? Do tell!

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