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Perhaps some of you are wondering, like I am, “Why another blog?” I’m not really sure, except to say I tend to listen to Andrea where these things are concerned. She’s the person who convinced me to start this blog. Right now, all I can tell you is that writing (blogging) fills a need I forgot I had. Devoting time every day to play around with some words helps me to get quiet, sort out my thoughts and clear my mind. Sure as the World has helped me to think differently about my homeschooling and my parenting. My hope is that Letters from Ladytown will do the same thing for my inner work.

Some of my inner work is writing in the hushed darkness of the early morning, before anyone else is awake. Some of it is walking the pastureland that surrounds my house. Some of it is in conversations with other people. This combination of being still, moving my body and talking it out works for me. It fits how I live and integrates into my day. On one of my afternoon walks back in January, I listened to an interview with John Kabat-Zinn. He equates meditation with mindfulness and being present to the everyday tasks of our lives. For me, this idea was revolutionary. I always had the notion that Meditation meant removing myself from my everyday life, sitting in an uncomfortable position and contemplating the Meaning of Life – some Big, Important, Other Life – “Out There.” Apparently, it is much simpler and much smaller. Pay attention: right here, right now.

I find it relatively easy to be mindful, present and grateful when there is freshly baked bread on the counter, soup simmering on the stove and farm fresh milk in the fridge. And some days, this is the overall tone of my day. However there are those other days where the bread isn’t yet made, the soup is still water and wilted vegetables and the last bit of milk was used to make a cup of coffee that was stirred using the same spoon the cod liver oil was administered to the children with. I woke up late, didn’t do my planning, the schoolroom is a mess and the boys are snarky, snarly and sullen. These are the days I know I need to turn up my inner work. I need to get my butt out of bed earlier (tomorrow), make sure I get a walk in (even if it is 15 minutes), and call someone (usually Andrea). I need to go back and remind myself why I don’t just put my kids in school, buy bread at the store and start my day with an herbal concoction that smells like dirt.

Homeschooling and homemaking feed my soul. They remind me of who I always was and help me to become more of who I want to be. In my imagination, Letters from Ladytown is a place that will hold this bigger vision of what it is I am trying to do here everyday. I hope my writing there will help me to continually ask myself the question ‘why?’ – slightly scary, but also very powerful. Being a part of an entire community of women asking themselves this same question and writing about the courage to live their own answers? Well . .  as Andrea would say, “Buckle your seatbelt.”

8 thoughts on “Letters from Ladytown

  1. There is a lot going on in my neck of the woods — both physically and mentally.

    This has made me short of energy — both physically and mentally.

    I have so wanted to encourage you in this Ladytown (ad)Venture — but it’s seemed too important to jot something off with a flip, if you know what I mean.

    So, can I just use your own words and say that they have been, like so many of your words, revolving in my mind and heart and producing those moments that you say, “Yes, that’s exactly it.”

    Here are your own words that have been those moments for me —

    Apparently, it is much simpler and much smaller. Pay attention: right here, right now.

    Homeschooling and homemaking feed my soul. They remind me of WHO I ALWAYS WAS and help me to become more of who I want to be.

    writing about the courage to live their own answers

    As always.

    • As always, your words fill me with gratitude.

      Be kind to yourself during this time.

      We will be in touch.

      Wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend.


    • Mama, you expressed exactly what was on my mind! That happens often with your lovely comments. I hope your weekend is restorative and peaceful.

      Sheila, when I quickly click on “like,” it’s shorthand for a warm hug, gratitude for your words, a lot is percolating and I have limited time/energy to respond in the moment.

      It’s been an intense week here too. Energy is shifting. Maybe it’s related to the change of season. Snow (again?), cold, dampness, along with a full moon and welcome sunshine. Plus a touch of Spring Fever in my children who clearly had no interest in my “plans.” As this week unfolded, I finally figured out that I needed to let go of any expectations of a formal “lesson.” They just needed to be outside whenever possible. Then, lo and behold! Yesterday morning, both girls independently did some math practice, some quiet reading, practiced their instruments and finished some handwork projects, all on their own! (I learned a LOT this week in homeschool.)

      Have a wonderful holiday Sheila!

      • All of that comes through whether you comment or not! (That goes for both of you.)

        I learned a lot this week too. I have a few posts percolating in my mind.

        For me, today, it feels like so much of it all is about trust. If we go forth with good intentions, do the best we can with the knowledge we have right now, all we can do is trust that it will work out in the end.

        As my mother would say, “Control is an illusion.” She usually laughs after she says that . . .

        Easter blessings to you my friend.


    • Dear Mama,
      This is your 100th comment here at Sure as the World.
      Need to think of a good prize for you.
      Other than my gratitude, of course.
      Glad you turned out not to be spam.

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  3. Hi Sheila,
    Is Letters from Ladytown still going? (I tried looking online) I had in the back of my mind that I wanted to write in and even have a mostly written letter somewhere that I just never sent in. (my “excuse” was that I didn’t have a stamp! HA!) Anyway, I was thinking about how it was a wonderful (and anonymous) platform to share and support each other as we do our inner work. Any hope of a Ladytown revival?
    Much aloha to you dear friend,

    • Hey Lori,
      No Ladytown is not active anymore. Would you let me post it on Sure as the World? I am wanting to do a “Find Your Brave” series in the fall and am wondering if your letter would/could fit there. Hmmm . . . LMK

      I am not going to get your banner mailed before I leave for WY. Trusting that is ok.
      Hope you are well.

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