Links and Other Thinks: March 2013


View from the balcony of our room. The Sourwood Inn. Asheville, NC.

“Links and Other Thinks” was initially a typo, but I like it, so I’m keeping it. Here are some links and thinks I’ve particularly enjoyed this past month.

  • Have you seen this guest post by Alison Manzer on Waldorf Salad and Cottage Fries? It has given me a lot to think about. You can read a little more about Alison and her experience with homeschooling with Waldorf here. If you feel like you are struggling with how Waldorf should be taught at home, Alison is like a breath of fresh air! Kudos to Andrea for bringing it to us.
  • We celebrated our 20th anniversary at The Sourwood Inn. As far as I’m concerned, it is the best getaway in all of WNC. They run a $99 special for locals in March and April. Add in dinner, and you will come away relaxed, rejuvenated and restored.
  • I’m in love with The Purl Bee – thanks Jean!! Free patterns and lots of inspiration. What more could you ask for?
  • This post about anthroposophy on the Christopherus blog was excellent. And if you don’t already, you might want to consider subscribing to their newsletter. They have been having some fun giveaways and sales lately. Oh and there is a new Christopherus forum starting this month. I’m interested in checking it out.
  • There is still time to register for the Peach Cobblers Waldorf Curriculum Fair! It will take place April 5 and 6 in Atlanta, GA. Click here for more info.
  • I know I have mentioned The Toymaker before, but she is so wonderful, she deserves another one. Her website is teeming with free paper toys and her books are a great go-to gift for boys and girls of any age.
  • If you are looking for some good, clean, family storytelling that will make everyone laugh out loud, look no further than Bil Lepp. We saw him at the beginning of the school year, and my boys were mesmerized the entire time. They have listened to his cds so many times, I think they have all of the stories memorized. Great for car trips and rainy afternoons.
  • I adore these mini business cards. I have them for my blog and just ordered some for a new venture. Very cute and very handy. (Update 3.21.13: I received my order and love them! Here is a 15% off Moo discount code if you decide to order from them: 2RB2CK)

4 thoughts on “Links and Other Thinks: March 2013

      • You’re such a close reader. Yes. Can’t say anything else at the moment, but you’ll be one of the first to know when I can. (That sounds big and mysterious, and really it is neither. It is just small and fragile right now.)

        Will ask the boys about the Bil Lepp choice when they wake up. He is so, so, so funny in a very West Virginia storytelling kinda way. And his use of language is inspiring. Fast and funny and smart. It would not be exaggerating to say seeing him changed my boys for the better. Vincent is now absolutely committed to becoming an eagle scout because of Mr. Lepp.

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