Images and Verse

IMG_3099 IMG_3103 IMG_3101IMG_3107 IMG_3111“So they went off together.

But wherever they go,

and whatever happens to them on the way,

in that enchanted place . . .

a little boy and his [brother and his dog]

will always be playing.”


Images: Old Milking Barn Junk Pile, 29 January 2013

Verse: The House at Pooh Corner, A. A. Milne

8 thoughts on “Images and Verse

  1. Whenever you question “if you’re doing the right thing”, if there is such a thing, just go back to these images and verse. I know everyday is not enchanted, but having some enchanted days is enough to build a legendary life on. “Love the life that you are for it is your living prayer to God.” Love, Mom

    • I know. Isn’t that just the best? My father-in-law sent me a sweet email about today’s post too. He said “Can I live my life over in your world?” My boys are lucky to have such wonderful grandparents. They are so supportive of what we do – even if somedays I don’t know what that is exactly.

  2. Just lovely! Maybe there aren’t exact words to describe exactly what you do…The photos and verse capture the essence of what John and I are striving for with our girls too! When we’re there it seems almost effortless and worth all of the “slog” as you’ve called it in the past.

    • That’s a great way of putting it “When we’re there it seems almost effortless” – I guess it’s like when you watch dance or really see art of any kind. It takes so much work but the results make it look so easy.

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