Today is my birthday. I’m 43. Tom has this silly thing he does with ages. Every year he assigns himself a sports figure whose number corresponds to his age. This year he is Reggie Jackson (#44). Because he is a year older than I am (ahem), he kindly bestows his retiring number to me. Today, that makes me Richard Petty. Vincent was obsessed with NASCAR for a couple of years when he was younger, and consequently, I know a lot about stock car racing. This year, I am embracing all that old school, badass, King of the Road energy and greeting my 43rd year with a (figurative) fancy cowboy hat, some (literal) dark sunglasses and a serious (invisible) swagger. To paraphrase a dear friend of mine, “This, my friends, is what 43 looks like!” Not bad for a homeschooling mom, in a small rural town, who drives a nine-year old sedan.

I’m not sure how this new attitude will play out in this space. But with the one year anniversary of Sure as the World coming up, I am starting to think about shaking things up around here. I’m working on a new ‘About‘ page, a new monthly feature dedicated to cooking with kids, more cross-blogging with Andrea and also a couple of surprises along the way. Waldorf Wednesday and Habit: Reflective Friday will continue to be the mainstays of my blogging week, and getting out of bed is always a little bit easier knowing I get to publish a post on Monday morning. Like today . . .

Sending you all a virtual red velvet cupcake with lots and lots of buttercream frosting. Thanks for spending part of your day with me.  I consider it a gift every time.

23 thoughts on “#43

  1. Happy, happy day to you, dear Stella! 1970 was such a great year – I turn 43 in May. I think I may take on a persona, too – seems easier than getting 43 candles on my cupcake! Sending you joy on this day and all days. XOXO, Alisha

  2. Happy birthday dear Sheila!!! You have always looked sheik in large black sunglasses. Look forward to your blog continuing to blossom.

  3. Sheila, my friend! Happiest of birthdays to you! I will happily accept your cupcake offer. Hope to see your badass self in person very soon.

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