Friendship and A Giveaway


Some of you know Andrea as my one and only, real, live and in-person homeschooling friend. She is also the one person, besides my mother, that I talk to in some form or fashion almost every day. Her unbridled enthusiasm constantly pushes me to do things I would never otherwise do . . .  like start a blog. She forces me to think big, dig deep and laugh really, really hard. I thank my lucky stars to have found a friend like her to share this journey with.

In celebration of friendship and perhaps a hint of things to come, we wanted to offer a giveaway full of fun stuff to ring in the new year. One person will win the package shown above, which includes a fabric bucket filled with 3 lavender-scented glycerin soaps, 2 ounces of lavender essential oil and a tiny “love” banner. To be entered into the giveaway, leave a comment by clicking the pale grey bubble directly across from the post title above. For a second chance to win, visit Andrea’s blog at and leave a comment over there as well. Comments will close on both blogs at midnight December 31, 2012. We will announce the winner, chosen at random, on January 2, 2013. Good luck.

15 thoughts on “Friendship and A Giveaway

  1. Did you ever have a little red headed girl in your elementary school class that nearly bounced out of her desk raising her hand because she So wanted to answer the question?

    Imagine her and know that I am thinking “Pick me! Pick me! If I don’t have that vintage chenille bedspread bucket filled with awesomeness I will die! Pick me! Pick me!”

    On a more mature note, friends like that are rare jewels. But you, obviously, know that.

    But, anyhow, as I was saying, Pick Me! (at random)

  2. This is a lovely giveaway! I am really digging all of your garlands. Hoping to see more of both you and Andrea in the new year.

    Your newbie friend,
    Jennifer in Greenville

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