Holiday Crafting: Postage Stamp Garland


In response to all that seems too big, too scary and too out of control, I have gone small this weekend. Things the size of postage stamps seem manageable to me right now. In an effort to quiet my mind and ease my heart, I have busied myself with a couple of projects that have let me focus on that which is contained within my four walls and can be accomplished with my two hands. My mind has wandered, of course, but handwork has an almost magical power to soothe and center me.

The garland shown above is made of actual postage stamps. I’ve always loved the mail, and sending Christmas cards is my favorite holiday tradition. Every year I save the stamps from the cards we receive, not knowing what (if anything) I would ever do with them. One year I collaged the box I saved them in – but that was as crafty as I ever got. This year, as you know, I have fallen head over heels in love with bunting; postage stamp bunting seemed a next logical step – if indeed logic can be applied to these things. I trimmed all the stamps in my collection and attached them to cotton string with washi tape (something else I am head over heels about this year). If you don’t have a stash of postage stamps, start saving your envelopes now. I think this would be a great kid craft for those squirrely days after Christmas.

The second project I worked on was shrinking my original fabric bunting down to the size of a postage stamp. My original banner squares measured about 4 inches. The squares shown below measure about an inch and a half. I used the same basic technique with smaller rubber stamps, then instead of sewing them by machine, I simply hand stitched the squares with thin twine. And, just like with the big banners, I will not admit to how many I made.



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