Holiday Crafting: Fabric Bunting


Hopefully my post about the fabric buckets prepared you for my love of making things in multiples. I got a little carried away with these banners. They are so easy to make, I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to tackle this project. The “merry” one above is the first one I made. I used the same red corduroy from the fabric buckets with some green and white gingham layered on top. I simply stamped the letters with a stamp pad directly onto the gingham. The trim is something I have had forever – I’m glad I finally found something to do with it.

The banner shown below just stole my heart. I think I made more than  . . . well, I made many, with lots of different words. You can blame Maya over at MayaMade (Yes, the same woman responsible for the buckets. She is dangerous!) If you want to know how she makes the burlap bunting, watch this free tutorial. The video is part of the website Creative Bug, which has definite potential to completely suck me in. Currently I am only signed up for the free classes, but I may be asking Santa for a paid subscription come the new year. I did my banner a little differently than how it is done in the video. For example, my letters are stamped on using a rubber stamp and acrylic paint. (Maya uses a freezer paper stencil and fabric ink.) I also layered two fabrics instead of just printing directly on the burlap. Plus my banners are strung with honest-to-goodness, organic, upcycled, free range, rescued and reused hay baling twine. My neighbors would definitely think I’ve gone off the deep end if they saw their discarded “balin’ twine” being put through a sewing machine. Some things are best kept private around here.


7 thoughts on “Holiday Crafting: Fabric Bunting

  1. See — this is the kind of thing I’m talking about when I say my priorities need resetting. Why haven’t we made this?! Well, it’s still 2 weeks til. You are a lovely inspiration xo

  2. Ooh buntings! I love them but have never made one. Maya’s ideas are so inspiring aren’t they? And I love to see how others make the projects and a bit of their own personalities shows through in their work.
    Lovely, and thank you for sharing your idea on my Link Up!
    ~ joey ~

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