Habit: Reflective Friday (Afternoon)

Inspiration for today taken from habit.

A picture, a few words, a little mystery, that somehow form a visual journal of my previous week. 

Have a great weekend, friends.
Light. It’s my theme of the season. Bring it.
IMG_2627Though much is taken much abides.
He reminded me that something similar happens every year at this time. Don’t know if that made me feel better or worse.
I got a little carried away.
Found myself wondering where Dante would stick Internet (non)Service Providers.

3 thoughts on “Habit: Reflective Friday (Afternoon)

  1. I’m left laughing. I theorize the 4th level where those who wasted (your time) and hoarded everything, sharing nothing (of their knowledge of the bowels of the internet) are put. (;

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