Holiday Crafting: Fabric Buckets


IMG_2599I love these fabric buckets. The pattern is from Maya over at MayaMade. I have made them countless times, and I am always amazed at how quickly and easily they come together. Trust me, if you can sew a straight seam, you can make them. I went a little nutty last month and made a bunch. I am unwilling to count the exact number, but it is more than a dozen. Doing them in multiples allows you to make all the separate parts and then put the buckets together assembly-line style. I love sorting through my fabric scraps to figure out fun combinations of handles, inside fabric and outside fabric. The red pom-pom one above is made from a vintage chenille bedspread that I have had since the dawn of time. There is a little silver thread that runs through it, and I have never seen one like that before or since. The other two are made from red corduroy and lined with plaid sateen. Below you can find some I made for my niece’s birthday last year. They have the same baby-wale cordoroy on the outside, and are lined with a polka-dotted sheet. I also made a set for my other niece that same year, but obviously never took a photo of those. Her’s had a ruffle around the top edge that was really cute. The pattern gives you the measurements for the four sizes shown below. Oh, and they nest – most adorable!


8 thoughts on “Holiday Crafting: Fabric Buckets

  1. I love the colours that you chose to make Maya’s buckets! I have been itching to make some too but the couch needs pillows first! ;o)
    Thanks so much for sharing this on Sharing Creative Ideas, I hope you come back every weekend and share your ideas!
    ~ joey ~

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  4. I am moving into your house for a week so you can teach me to sew. If you can believe it, I have two sewing machines(hand me downs) that I do not know how to use STILL. I hand-sew, but some things require machine stitching. These bags are adorable!

    • Well you are in good company. I think Andrea has 3 or 4(!) sewing machines that she doesn’t know how to use either. Both of you are welcome anytime – with machines or without!

      I took sewing classes all through high school and they have served me much better than algebra or geometry ever did.

      I haven’t done any sewing this year (despite moving a table into the school room for this very purpose. However Jude is so obsessed with Brer Rabbit, I may just have to sew him a wool rabbit I cut out in the spring. Poor little guy has been sick. Might cheer him up.

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