Advent Meditation: Stones


Draw alongside the silence of stone / Until its calmness can claim you.

 John O’Donohue


 Begin this season of Advent grounded by the calm, patience and solidity of stone. Stand tall in the belief of something firm beneath you. This foundation will not let you falter. From it, take strength, courage and certainty. These ancient rocks whisper a timeless truth. Be still and listen to all that arises in the quiet.

I owned a slope full of stones.

Like buried pianos they lay in the ground,

shards of old sea-ledges, stumbling blocks

where the earth caught and kept them
dark, an old music mute in them
that my head keeps now I have dug them out.
I broke them where they slugged in the dark
cells, and lifted them up in pieces.
As I piled them in the light
I began their music. I heard their old lime
rouse in breath of song that has not left me.
I gave pain and weariness to their bearing out.
What bond have I made with the earth,
having worn myself against it? It is a fatal singing
I have carried with me out of that day.
The stones have given me music
that figures for me their holes in the earth
and their long lying in them dark.
They have taught me the weariness that loves the ground,
and I must prepare a fitting silence.

“The Stones”, Wendell Berry

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