Simple Gifts

The boys are learning “Simple Gifts” on the penny whistle this month. Their teacher sent this link of the song performed by Yo-Yo Ma and Alison Krauss. The combination of his cello and her voice is spectacular. I bought the single on iTunes and have been playing it repeatedly as my morning meditation. The “valley of love and delight” can seem so elusive some days, and then there are those other days . . . those blessed days that I want to savor and remember always. In the spirit of gratitude during this week of Thanksgiving, I have listed some of the simple gifts I am thankful for. If you are inspired, please leave your own in the comments. Wishing you all a lovely Thanksgiving.

* The smell of Italian sausage frying, early on a Sunday morning.

* Fresh milk, still warm from the cow, delivered to my door.

* Little-boy hands wrapped up in wool yarn, knitting away on the couch.

* Conversations that leave me a better person.

* The sound of my sewing machine crafting holiday gifts.

* Moving things around and sprucing up the house.

* Our families, both far-flung this year. We miss you all!

* Friends, close enough and kind enough, to let us invite ourselves to Thanksgiving dinner.

* Bluebirds and cardinals that add a vibrancy to the brown landscape.

* Neighbors and friends who raise and grow so much of our food.

* An online community that has astounded me with its capacity for intimacy, openness and support. (That’s you!)

* One and half hours of chatting before buying 4 dozen eggs.

* Friday night phone calls with my favorite sister-in-law.

* Long overdue correspondence, stamped and mailed.

* Random notes and recognizable melodies coming from aforementioned penny whistles somewhere in the house.

* Heart-pounding walks with my dog that start with a lot more layers of clothing than they end with.

10 thoughts on “Simple Gifts

  1. * Unusual warmth and clarity present with clear fall skies
    * The pace change that comes with a holiday slow-down
    * Dog toenails clicking on hardwood floors
    * Eggs in the nesting box
    * My mother’s cornbread dressing
    * My husband bringing me coffee in bed
    * Kids cuddling on the couch with the dog, awaiting movie night
    * An evening walk with one child and my full attention
    * No desire what-so-ever to shop
    * An unexpected kindness
    Happy Thanksgiving Sheila!

  2. Reading on Mama’s Bed

    Having as many moments as they desire to tromp in nature

    Dolls made of palmetto leaves

    Clean thick sheets that smell faintly of bleach

    A stack of books

    A package in the mailbox

    Pandora radio

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