Post #100! : Autumn Crafts (mini) Block

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We did a mini-block last week to celebrate Autumn. These seasonal blocks comprise the main focus of science in first grade. Our daily walks and the hours the boys spend outside playing everyday give them an experiential awareness of the changing of the seasons. This block allowed us to focus on the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) changes in the weather, the leaves, our garden, inside our house and on our table. I kept these conversations solidly grounded in our daily life for Jude. No hard-core, abstract science yet. I also built this block around several of our favorite autumnal stories, again in keeping with the Waldorf way of approaching science at this age. Some of the stories are repeats from years past; some are new. Below you will find a list of the books we used and the activities we did to go along with them. At the end of the post, I have listed some of my favorite craft blogs. If your favorites are not listed, please, please put a link in the comments! Happy fall.

“Brother Acorn” from A Donsy of Gnomes, Sieglinde de Francesca.

  • Thornton Burgess Squirrel coloring page
  • Acorn capped peg people (We got a little carried away with these, as you can see above!)
  • Learned to play the little tune included in the story on the penny whistle. It is only 2 lines and just a few notes, but both boys have enjoyed learning and playing it.
  • Wet-on-wet watercolor painting of a tree

My representation of a tree in autumn. This painting uses just the 3 primary colors.

Jude’s version.

Vincent’s fall scene painted during a Waldorf enrichment class several years ago. This uses just the 3 primary colors also.

Johnny Appleseed, Reeve Lindbergh

  • Made Applesauce Cake. (Recipe can be found here.)

Woody, Hazel and Little Pip, Elsa Beskow

  • If you are a member of Thinking, Feeling, Willing, Melisa has lots of great ideas to extend this book.
  • Made homemade rolls with Nutella. (Recipe can be found here.)

Waldorf Autumn Festival Songs: Music for Singing, Penny Whistle and Guitar by Jodie Mesler

  • Jodie has put together a great song book for autumn that includes songs for Michaelmas, Halloween and Martinmas. The boys have enjoyed both listening to the cd and also singing and playing along. You can find it for sale here.

Inspiring craft blogs:

7 thoughts on “Post #100! : Autumn Crafts (mini) Block

  1. Your little acorn capped people are as cute as can be! I love them. What a fun mini block. I also look forward to trying some of the recipes from your last post. Yum!

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