Handwork and Giveaway

I love the handwork aspect of the Waldorf curriculum, but up until recently, it wasn’t a big part of our daily homeschooling rhythm. When I first came to Waldorf, I learned how to knit, taught Vincent (then a third grader), promptly accumulated a lot of yarn, and that was the end of the story. I would pick up my knitting every once in a while; Vincent would pick his up even less frequently. I do like the idea of knitting. I really love the idea of thinking being “mental knitting”. But really, I don’t actually like to knit.

When we started our US Geography block last May, I pulled out a fabric map I purchased awhile ago. I had grand plans of embroidering the map, making it into a quilt and recording our travels with French knots. I am good with ideas – follow through is a different story. I have wanted to learn how to embroider for years, and thanks to my propensity toward accumulating art and handwork supplies at yard sales and Goodwill, I had lots of embroidery floss, hoops and even a pair of cute little embroidery scissors all ready for the project. This time, however, things were different. I taught myself the running stitch, taught Vincent and away we went – embroidering our way across the USA. The whole thing took us about a month, and it was a great way to end the school year.

I plan to do more embroidery with Vincent this year – we have all those patterns from Sarah Jane Studios to work on. I do need to come to terms with knitting though, as it is a big part of grade 1. I am interested to see how Jude will take to handwork. He does like to finger knit, and I think if I make the time to do it, he will be just fine.

Now for the giveaway: One of the recurring search terms that lead people to my blog is “US fabric map”. If you are local to the Asheville area, I purchased mine at Foam and Fabric. If you are not local, I’ve seen it at JoAnn’s Fabric. Both stores also carry a fabric world map made by the same company (Fabric Traditions). However if you are feeling lucky today, leave a comment and I will send one US fabric map to a US reader and one world map to an international reader. Please tell me if you are a US or an international reader in your comment. If you are so inspired, please also indicate in your comment what you would like to see more of during the upcoming school year here at Sure as the World. This will not influence your chances of winning, however, as a number will be chosen at random. I will close comments at 6am Monday, August 27. Good luck.

13 thoughts on “Handwork and Giveaway

  1. Hi! I am a local reader, but first time commenter. I really enjoy your blog and love how real you are about how Waldorf works in your home. It seems so much more manageable when we have people discussing it in a real way, rather than this unattainable ideal. I am looking forward to reading about your grade 1 experience, as I have a grade 1 little here. She is getting a very strongly influenced Waldorf year and thus far it has been wonderful! Best :)

  2. Hi Sheila. I’m feeling lucky to have met you at Taproot! Please count me in as a potential lucky contestant to win one of those beautiful US Map fabrics!

  3. Not like to knit? Oh the horror! ;0) I like to knit, but that still hasn’t meant I’ve done as much as I could (should) with Nin, although new year, new start and I have a Ted to teach too so perhaps all of us (save for the baby) knitting together may be more of an incentive. Nin is more likely to sew independently.

    I enjoy reading what you’ve been up to and therefore can’t think of anything I’d like to see more of, save for what you do anyway.

    (And I’m outside of the US, so an international reader)

  4. Hi Sheila! I love this map…perfect for my 4th grader as we explore local geography and beyond this year (and enhance his embroidery skills!). You know I love all aspects of your blog – recipes to homeschooling to daily life. It is a great little window into your world! Much love!

  5. Love this awesomely cute map!! We are starting embroidery this year so would be a great addition :) no Joann Fabrics here ;(
    I do love to knit but finding time to knit is another thing.. I have found that small interesting projects help me stay focused and get it done.

  6. I love reading your blog! Thank you for sharing your journey. Your words are a lovely mixture of inspiration and truth. I find your post on planning extremely helpful. :) Thank you the wonderful fourth grade handwork idea and for the opportunity to win a fabric map. I am new to embroidering and think embroidering across the US looks like great fun.

    I am a US reader.

  7. Hi Sheila! Thank you for this fabulous giveaway. I’m in the US and would love to win the map as we will be doing US geography this year.

    I love your blog and your writing style. I’m glad I can “visit” you here.

    Warm wishes, Rachel

  8. I love to knit, but have the same relationship with crochet. The map is a great idea, especially for our 4th grade geography this year. I love that you do it together, it is “hands on” and something that can be treasured.

  9. I loved your post where you showed hte finished project of the map. I thought, ‘How lovely.” (: I saw it then and I’d like to note now for future reference of the winners of hte map that there are in fact absolutely no saguaro cacti in New Mexico (;

    After this big ol’ trip we’ve taken, I thought it would be fun to make a regional free hand embroidered map of the states and venues we’ve been in. I saw something like this at an antique store (looked to be about c.1960) and am thinking about doing it. (See, I didn’t say planning because I, too, have been known to purchase or plan and then not “do”. We were going to learn to knit this trip and I bought all the stuff and it’s still in the cabinet (;

    Good luck to everyone. I don’t need to be put into the drawing becuase I know for a fact that this upcomign year it would be put in my fabrics bin and probably not see the light of day ):

  10. I am an international reader with fingers crossed that I can get a taste of the Sure As the World magic by engaging in a bit if embroidery with my three younguns! Keep the fun and interesting posts coming Sheil!

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